The Russians for a year have less confidence in government agencies and public institutions. This is evidenced by the results of the survey “Levada-Centre”referenced by “Interfax”.

The rating of the government decreased by almost two times (from 45% a year ago to 26%) and was the lowest over the last five years. The credibility of the Council of the Federation for the year fell from 40% to 24% to the State Duma – from 40 to 22%.

The Prosecutor’s office is the confidence of the 24% of respondents (a year ago 37%), police – 24% of respondents (29%), court – 22% of respondents (29%).

Regional authorities sympathize with 23% of Russians (38% a year ago), local authorities and 22% (32%), political parties – 12% (20%), churches – 43% (53%).

The greatest trust among the Russians is the President, the army and the state security organs. But the rating of the President has fallen from 80% to 74%. The drop in the level of confidence in the President of sociologists have noticed in March. About the credibility of the media say 27% of the respondents (34% in 2015).

The survey was conducted September 23-26 among 1,600 people in 137 towns and cities in Russia. The obtained results show that the indicators go back to what was “to the Crimea”, said to”Vedomosti” the Deputy Director “Levada-Center” Alexei Grazhdankin.

The drop in the level of trust in government experts explain the crisis, and to the Church, its intervention in social conflicts. Regarding the state Duma noted that she never was a great reputation. And the preservation of the President’s rating is due to the fact that the image of senior officials is of a sacred character and is perceived by part of the population as a ratio to the country. However, this situation can not last forever. Sooner or later, the negative characteristics will affect the ranking of the highest officials, political analysts believe.

In late September, “Levada-Center” conducted another survey which showed that about 80% of Russians recognize the presence of economic crisis in the country. Despite the poverty, citizens prefer an authoritarian system, shown by studies conducted by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Boris Nemtsov.

The Russians have less trust in government over the past year, found “Levada-Center” 13.10.2016

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