In October, the Russians drew attention to the significant increase of prices for vegetables and fruits, concluded experts of the VTSIOM by results of sociological research.

A year ago, the rate of inflation, according Russians involved in grocery shopping, was much higher, noted in the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion. Now, however, the growth of prices for fruit and vegetables this fall, said 65% of respondents, with 25% of respondents called the price increase “significant”. On unpleasant changing price tags on meat and meat products complained 66% of Russians. As noted, the index of prices on these products in October totaled 43 and 45 points (vs 59 and 60 points in October 2015) in the range from -100 to 100 points. 63% of buyers said the rise in price of dairy products (63%, while the index of prices 39 items) bakery products (52%, index 30 points).

Slightly less than half of the respondents purchasing the products, noticed the rising price tags for sugar (48%), cereals and pasta (47%) – indicators of perception of inflation on them is 28 points. 32% and 41% of respondents, respectively, believe that the price tags have remained at the same level.

The rise in price of utilities drew attention 67% of respondents, the increase in gasoline prices says every second, 29% of respondents believe that spending on public transport increased in October, while 51 percent noted no change in the amount of the payment.

“Inflation in Russia is declining even more rapidly than expected at the end of the year it is likely to be below 6%. Public consciousness adequately reflects this process. A surge in perceived inflation for selected product groups is seasonal. To reverse the General positive trend of this phenomenon can not” – said the expert polls Oleg chernozub.

Additionally, in this study, the index of prices demonstrates the perception of inflation by the Russians and is calculated depending on the answers selected to the question “How would you assess the growth of prices for goods and services within a month or two?”.

The poll was conducted on October 29-30 in 130 settlements of 46 Russian regions. All were interviewed 1600 people aged over 18.

We will remind, last week the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina saidthat Russia needs inflation at the level not below 4%. According to her, a break below this figure could lead to deflation,which is harmful to the emerging Russian economy, because it reduces incentives for investment. For the first ten months of the current year inflation in Russia amounted to 4.5%, while a year earlier by the end of October this figure had reached 11.2 per cent. The Central Bank is counting on lower inflation to 4% in 2017 and to retain its close to this level in the medium term.

The Russians have noticed a significant growth of prices for vegetables and fruits – VTSIOM 28.11.2016

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