The Russians believe that modern police officers must be on the characters of famous Russian films – Gleb zheglova and Fyodor Ivanovich officer Aniskina. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the research center portal Superjob.

Zheglova as the most appropriate role model for modern guards called 14% of the study participants, conducted on the eve of the Day of employee of organs of internal Affairs, which is celebrated in Russia on November 10.

12% of respondents voted for a completely different type of policeman – a simple and good-natured rural precinct officer Aniskina. The same number of Russians (12%) voted for one hundred percent positive the guard – the character of the famous children’s poem uncle Styopa.

Vladimir Sharapov – partner Gleb zheglova – scored 6% of votes. The kinoperson not a Soviet and the modern Russian reality – the Novel Shilov of “COP wars”, is also 6%.

3% scored Sergei Glukharev (“Grouse”) and Maxim Petrovic Boletus (“Beware of the car”). Another 3% of respondents believe that modern cops are supposed to be like Robocop.

Among the few women in the ranks of law enforcement the Russians identified Anastasia Kamenskaya (2%). 2% of the vote Pavel Kravtsov (“the Site”) and Dukalis (“Streets of broken lamps”).

Among international movie stars as role models Russians called Lieutenant Columbo, Commissioner Cattani, judge Dredd, Ivan Danko from “red heat” and Sherlock Holmes (1%). Respondents did not forget the cult Soviet TV series “the Investigation leading Experts”: the Trinity Znamenskii, Tomin – Kibrit 1% of the vote.

1% Maria Shvetsova (“Secrecy of the investigation”), sub-Lieutenant arch (“To me, Mukhtar!”), Karpova from the same series, Igor Plakhov (“killing power”) and detective Gurov.

Some respondents reacted to the question with a fair amount of humor as the role models they recommend full-time employee of the Vienna criminal police – German shepherd Rex from the TV series “inspector Rex” (1%).

Other cinema called 20% of respondents. 4% believe that among the movie no examples worthy of emulation. 8% were undecided on this question.

The survey was conducted on 10-12 October 2016 among 1000 of Russians over the age of 18 living in 223 villages in various districts of the Russian Federation.

The day of employee of organs of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, which is celebrated on 10 November, was established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 13 October 2011. In August of this year, the interior Ministry proposed to move the festival on June 5, based on the history of the founding of the police in Russia in 1718, not 1917.

The Russians want the cops were like zheglova, officer Aniskina and Robocop 10.11.2016

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