In China, the major shopping center in the aquarium moved to white bear named Pizza. The unfortunate animal that lived in a cramped cage under the gaze of thousands of visitors, has long attracted the attention of animal rights activists. However, according to the BBC, the current move of the bear in the temporary aquarium.

The publication refers to the administration of the shopping center in Guangzhou about the fact that the polar bear named Pizza moved at the time of reconstruction of the trading platform and get back in his cage after a few weeks. The owners of a predator claim that look forward to his return.

Meanwhile continues to collect signatures for the resettlement of Pizza in a more appropriate place. In support of the sad bear in the world signed up more than 800 thousand people.

“Stuck in the middle of a shopping center in China, this sad polar bear has no hope for salvation. He has nowhere to hide from the people making the pictures, knocking on the glass and screaming. Any attempt to create an environment that would meet the needs of any living bear, despite the fact that this huge animal is so awesome” – reads the statement on behalf of the community AnimalAsia.

This petition was created in March, attracted the attention of the international press, however, the administration of TTS in Guangzhou rejects allegations of animal cruelty. “White bear is very happy” – quoted comments website China News.

The BBC notes that the shopping center staged on Sunday a farewell party, assuring participating in the event children that the bear will soon return to its former place.

Add in a shopping Mall in Guangzhou also is home to wolves, foxes, Arctic foxes and cubs walrus.

The saddest bear in the world lived in a Chinese aquarium 14.11.2016

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