For the salaries of the Russians are willing to put up with the monotony and overtime, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the results of the study “Motivation of personnel on the Russian labor market”. The basis of this research is based on survey data by more than 4 thousand people conducted by recruitment Agency Kelly Services in August 2016.

The motivating factor for most respondents said the level of pay (64%). The top five ranking also includes the presence at work of the large-scale and interesting problems (40%), comfortable atmosphere in the company (36%), career opportunities (33%) and the formalization of (31%).

The evaluation of earnings as an important factor of motivation to work in Russia for the first time is not fixed, but is not an international trend, the newspaper notes. In economically developed countries of Europe dominated by, on the contrary, the importance of the result of the work, and the second popular place is the interest in what people do at work. The values of stable employment and earnings do not fall even in the top three most popular.

Among additional factors that influence the motivation of the Russians, the most important citizens believe LCA (67%), corporate training (55%), medical insurance for family members (33%), travel (27%) and compensation of power (25%).

Satisfaction of salary helps the Russians to put up with several annoying factors, the authors of the study. For example, 44% of respondents are willing to do routine work, 40% agree, with regular overtime.

Another 28% of respondents are willing for money to give up a career and only 19% won’t put up with any of these factors because I don’t think earnings is a sufficient motivator.

It is also noteworthy that of the 87% employed (86% in 2015) in the new working interest of 67% (70% in 2015). The majority would prefer to work in an international company – leader (39%) or market participant (18%).

The salary in Russia remains the most important factor of motivation to work 18.10.2016

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