The share of illegal tobacco products in the third quarter of 2016 in the Russian market made up 2.23%. In Russia, the price of tobacco products is two to three times higher than in neighboring countries, which in the absence of customs borders cheaper Belarusian and Kyrgyz cigarettes being squeezed out of the market a legal product.

To such conclusion as transfers “Interfax”, came the research company Nielsen, analyzed by request of the tobacco companies more than 15 thousand empty cigarette packs collected in 89 cities of the Russian Federation. The highest level of illegal cigarette trade in the entire history of measurements, experts stress.

For comparison: a year ago this figure was at the level of 1.04%. Thus, the sale of illegal cigarettes in Russia has increased over 12 months by more than two times.

The price of Russian cigarettes grew after excise duties faster than consumers income. As a result, legal products became too expensive for many Russians, and they began to look for a cheaper alternative.

According to the study, more than a third of cigarette packs, not intended for sale in Russia, marked with Belarusian excise stamps (38.4 per cent).

The doubling of illegal products is also due to the distribution of cigarettes from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, to increase the share of counterfeit goods (counterfeits of famous brands) and the appearance of cigarettes of unknown origin.
In the regions bordering Belarus, the share of illegal tobacco products by the end of July has doubled, to 6.94% from 3.06% a year earlier.

In some regions the share of illegal cigarettes is repeatedly exceeded average Russian indicators in the cities of Omsk, the share was more than 10% (1.9% in 2015), in Smolensk – 12.2 per cent (2.8 per cent).

The sale of illegal cigarettes in Russia for the year increased more than twice 11.10.2016

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