Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova Tuesday, October 24, described the speculation tickets to take place in the Museum exhibition of famous Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky. According to the head of cultural institutions in the number of speculators were employees of the Tretyakov gallery, they have already lost their jobs.

“The exhibition Aivazovsky we have certain problems associated with the dealers, with speculation, we have already finished the tickets in advance online-sale”, – said the head of the Tretyakov gallery, which is quoted by TASS. Zelfira Tregulova has announced that it has fired several employees for speculation. “We understand what’s happening, we’re trying to do everything possible,” she said.

According to the Director of the Museum, recently, she personally caught by the hand of the speculator and handed it to the police, reports “Interfax”. “However, two hours later, he was again on the spot. The police and held but let go, ” said Tregulova.

In addition, the head of the Tretyakov gallery said that Mosgormash offered to buy tickets for the exhibition Aivazovsky at a price of 1.5 thousand rubles when the official cost of 400 rubles. “We put a claim to Motherbase and won. They removed them from sale. And now, when I finished the online sale of tickets for the Aivazovsky, will limit their number to six tickets in one hand. Tickets to the gallery’s staff will also be limited,” said Tregulova.

In the Tretyakov gallery due to the huge interest of the visitors to the exhibition Aivazovsky decided to extend its running time on 1 and 8 November. Tickets will go on sale at noon the day before. In addition, the ticket office every day before the session is implemented for 25 tickets.

Earlier it was reported that the exhibition Aivazovsky was already visited by 350 thousand people, with an average of 5.5 thousand people a day. According to the press service of the Tretyakov gallery, the figure exceeded the attendance of the exhibition of Valentin Serov for the same period.

The Aivazovsky exhibition presents more than 200 exhibits: 120 paintings and 55 works of graphic art, porcelain, archival documents, models of ships, nautical instruments. Among the exhibits, in particular, paintings of “the Ninth wave”, “Wave” and “View of Constantinople with moonlight illumination”. The exhibition will continue until November 20, 2016.

At a press conference in Moscow Tregulova encouraged visitors to draw conclusions from what is happening around the exhibition Aivazovsky and advance to buy tickets starting November 25, the exhibition “Roma Aeterna. Masterpieces of the Vatican picture gallery” only in the box office and on the website, without the help of dealers. The exhibition will open at the Tretyakov gallery in Lavrushinsky lane 25 Nov.

The Vatican museums presented 40 works. Paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, Giovanni Bellini, Guercino, Pietro Perugino and Guido Reni very rarely leave the Vatican, so their show at the Tretyakov gallery will become one of the most significant events. In response, the Tretyakov gallery in 2017 will be sent to the Vatican paintings by Russian artists of XIX – beginning of XX century, associated with the Evangelical and biblical scenes.

The scandal around the exhibition of Aivazovsky: several employees of the Tretyakov gallery dismissed speculation tickets 25.10.2016

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