In Crimea, a scandal erupted around Sevastopol boarding house “Emerald”. According to local media, the management companies complained that the acting Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov did not pay for accommodation and other services. Simultaneously in a press there was information about the “criminal past” leaders “Emerald,” and also reports that the illegal boarding house provided a 50% discount to the heads of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol, and members of their families.

Some commentators attributed the showdown with the people’s desire close to the former Governor of the city Sergey meniailo to retain influence. According to them, they staged a provocation against the new head of the region. Others argue that Ovsyannikov began his activities as Governor with large-scale violations.

According FlashCrimealaw enforcement authorities in Sevastopol have begun preliminary check on the fact of non-payment Ovsyannikov and his team stay in the hotel “Emerald”. Official confirmation of this information.

As reported by the source Agency in the police, the management of the boarding house in a statement said that the new Governor of the city, his family and members of his team checked in at the boarding house “Emerald” on the day of appointment Ovsyannikov for the post – August 28. During the stay in the institution, the acting Governor and his escort had provided services to almost 3.8 million. This amount has not been paid, the statement said.

The management of the boarding house written appeal with a request to investigate to the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in southern Federal district Vladimir Ustinov and Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Vorobyov, says FlashCrimea. The document says that at the time of settlement Ovsyannikov gave a number of orders, require a large expenditure. In particular, it is required to make the repairs in the rooms “tiger coloring”, to make new red carpet, replace the TVs in plasma or LCD, new furniture in five rooms, all curtains – new.

The acting Governor also demanded “to coordinate all repairs and purchase new equipment, inventory and furniture with his representative, and curtains – always with his wife.” In addition, Ovsyannikov, along with members of his team rode on the boat, ordered food in a local café, said in a statement.

The appeal of the leadership of the boarding house said that the unexpected arrival of the acting Governor and his team had to refuse the booking of pre-paid offer vacationers the Russians. In the end the third quarter, the pension ended with a loss, something never happened.

The scandal began to gain momentum since the end of September

Scandalous showdown around the boarding house “Emerald” began in late September. 28 September on the website of the government of Sevastopol, appeared a messagethat on behalf of the acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov Main control office started checking the activities of the gups “houses of Sevastopol”. It was stated that the decision was due to “multiple reports of residents about violations in the implementation of enterprise financial and economic activity.”

As reported by”news of Sevastopol”, two days later, the team of the vacation hotel “Izumrud”, included in gups “houses of Sevastopol”, has sent a letter to the editor in which he said about the abuse of their powers “some members of the government”, referring to the new head of Sevastopol.

The next day on the website Ruinformer, which, according to “news of Sevastopol”, “zealously defends the interests of” former Governor Sergei meniailo, there were descriptions of “riotous” rest Ovsyannikov.

“After talking with workers in boarding house “Emerald”, the journalists were shocked by the new details,” said the publication. “Officials of the new government of Sevastopol vacationing “large”: ride on boats, used vehicles, lived in the best rooms, boarded, nor in denying themselves nothing. And then left without paying,” – said the staff of the sanatorium”, – noted in the article.

“Public servants, whom are supposed to save a penny every budget, with fat rage for public funds! Who are they after?” – wrote the publication, more than just outraged-in the “government rest” – July 28, when Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed a new acting Governor.

“Terrible things from happening, gentlemen. Sevastopol is again in the hands of the people, did not disdain anything for the sake of gain and of obtaining absolute power? More than likely just scare the involvement of the acting Governor in this scandal,” – said the journalists.
The next day, another online resource – ForPost, which, as report “news of Sevastopol”, defends the interests of the former Chairman of the legislative Assembly Alexey Chaly, who was a long time in a state of protracted conflict with Menyailo, published an article in a different view, describing the events associated with the boarding house “Emerald”.

“A lot of interesting things about the criminal past of the leaders of the Emerald, about the glorious gangster days with the brothel and other “charms” of the 90-ies of, about the attempt to privatize the pension in the Ukraine and threats to those who will go to a referendum in March 2014, I was told by locals,” wrote the author, noting that at the same time cannot claim that it is all true.

In the article, in particular, it was noted that from 2015, the new Director of the gups “houses of Sevastopol” is the former Director of the recreation center “Izumrud” Anatoly Jesurun. “The Internet is easy to find information about this man. When Mr Menyailo Sevastopol politics, a lot of people with “bright” biography from the 90s. Perhaps they were indispensable for the solution of a number of “specific” tasks,” – said in the article.

As write “news of Sevastopol”, what is clear is that command of the old Governor Sergei Menyailo, “sat down on financial flows in Sevastopol, is not going to leave their homes”. “Therefore, they will use any opportunity to discredit the new Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov,” said the publication.

On the eve on the website “news of Sevastopol” published an article, which stated that the editors were copies of documents “proving the relationship” management of investigatory management SK on the city of Sevastopol, the Director of the gups “houses of Sevastopol,” Anatoly Jesurun and management of the boarding house “Emerald”.

Explained that we are talking about the fact that the former head of the Investigation Department Yuri Moroz and his Deputy Yury Redkin “showed excessive concern about their employees and letters on the official letterhead of his office to book a spot in the sanatorium, that automatically gives travelers a discount of 50%, regardless of whether we are talking about Agency staff or their relatives.” It is noted that a criminal case will be investigated by the same people who were patrons of the boarding house. Edition doubts in their objectivity.

We will remind, on July 28 Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of schedule stopped powers of the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, appointed temporarily fulfilling duties of the Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov. Before that for a long time the press wrote about the protracted conflict between the two teams – Sergey Menyailo and Alexey Chaly.

The scandal around the Sevastopol hotel: the new Governor was accused of failing to pay millions for the rest 11.10.2016

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