The capital’s investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of death of a minor child. According to the preliminary version, the kid killed his mother.

Criminal punishment for a 40-year-old resident of Troitsk, located in New Moscow. At the moment of detention it was in an unstable mental state. Woman charged with paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder juvenile”), according to the official website of IC RF IC in Moscow.

The investigation began after the evening of 30 September 2016 in one of the houses in Troitsk was found the body of a five year old boy with signs of violent death. According to the conclusions of physicians, the child was strangled.

The apartment with the corpse was the victim’s mother, who was unable to clearly explain what happened.

It is known that the shelter got the woman from her 56-year-old wife, who worked as technical Director at the company, produces lifting equipment. They met about seven years ago, and soon the woman moved out of the apartment of his parents, located in the South-West of Moscow, to his choice in Troitsk.

Soon the couple had a child. However, the young mother had a hysterical temperament, and with the advent of the firstborn, her mental state has only worsened.

Two years later, the head of the family, tired of the quarrels and scandals, began to live separately, removing the housing. However, he continued to financially support her husband and taking care of my son, who was taken for a walk.

The boy’s mother never worked. All the time she spent at home with a child who did not go to kindergarten, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The investigators, on 30 September at about 17:00 the suspect contacted her husband and informed him that “the child is not breathing.” The man immediately called an ambulance and he went to the scene.

Arrived there the police were unable to interview the boy’s mother. She had to call a psychiatrist.

The suspect also passed a medical examination on the state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication (according to unofficial data, in recent Muscovite abused alcohol, which could exacerbate the already unstable mental state). The test results should be ready on the day.

The alleged murderer was taken into custody.

The science city in Moscow detained a woman suspected of killing five year old son 03.10.2016

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