The court in Khabarovsk handed down the second conviction in a criminal case on the carriage of half a ton of caviar in the coffin in the hearse. The defendant, who is not named, entered into a pretrial agreement with the investigation and fully cooperated, so his case was resolved without trial in a special manner, according to the regional Prosecutor’s office.

Ultimately, the court found him guilty under part 3 of article 258.1 (“Illegal production, storage and transport of particularly valuable aquatic biological resources belonging to the species listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation, committed by an organized group”) of the criminal code and sentenced him to three years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in three years.

According to prosecutors, the resident of Khabarovsk together with associates in August of 2015, using a motor boat and fishing nets, illegally killed near the village Oremif of the Nikolaev district of the Amur sturgeon, listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation, and part learned from them the calf was taken home, and in October on the boat, took her in the Komsomol district.

Where the delicacy of a total weight of 511 kg luck in coffin car hearse in Khabarovsk with the purpose of further realization, but the car with the cliche “the Funeral” below the windshield was stopped on the highway in 34 km from the regional center traffic police.

Damage to the state from the actions of criminals is estimated at 4 171 900 rubles. The claim of the Amur territorial administration of Federal Agency for fisheries in Russia’s interests on this amount, the court granted jointly and severally with another gang member, convicted earlier this month by the same court on the same suspended sentence. The defendant gave a detailed confession and actively cooperated with the investigation, his case was also considered in a special order reported by the Prosecutor’s office.

According to the investigation, just in the OPG consisted of seven people. Half a ton of caviar significant destroyed, crushed by a bulldozer.

The second defendant on the transport of half a ton of caviar in a coffin near Khabarovsk got off with probation 28.10.2016

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