Russia’s second monument to Tsar Ivan the terrible will be opened on 4 November in the town of Aleksandrov in Vladimir region. This was reported TASS the head of the administration of Aleksandrovsky district Igor Pershin. October 14, a monument to him was opened in Orel.

“Due to the fact that the first monument was opened in eagle, there is not an ounce of frustration, for 17 years under Ivan the terrible, Aleksandrov, was the unofficial capital of Russia. The king ruled the country from here. Put the first in the eagle, well done, our monument will be possible,” said Pershin.

Currently there is a pouring of the pedestal, preparing ground for a monument in Moscow to cast the monument. Three-meter sculpture of stone will appear on the banks of the river Grey. The Foundation stone was laid on 6 August, the Day of the city.

According to historians, from 1564 Alexandrovskaya Sloboda was a place of regular residence of the king, his family, and the Tsar’s court and was actually the center of the country.

Eagle residents are preparing protests against sculptures

The eagle monument the terrible was planned to be installed on August 3 opposite the children’s theatre in honor of the 450th anniversary of the city. However, against the construction of the monument made by local residents. Activists protested against installation of a monument for such a controversial historical figure, and that he appeared in the protected zone of another monument of architecture – building of the theatre of children and young people “Free space”.

In July, the Governor Vadim Potomsky met with protesters and explained that the city authorities not to canonize Ivan the terrible. He stressed that it is only to put a monument to the founder of the city.

Nevertheless, the authorities of the eagle then decided to postpone the installation of the monument and conducted a survey of citizens, and then announced that the majority of the 400 respondents favoured the installation. The idea of erecting a monument to Ivan the terrible supported the Patriarch.

In September the Factory regional court of the eagle has initiated proceedings in a lawsuit challenging the actions of the city administration and the mayor of the city for the installation of the monument in the protected zone of a monument of history and culture of Federal value “the building of the magistrate.” The court also prohibited the placement of a monument to the end of the trial. The next meeting was scheduled for October 21, but the monument is still installed next to the Epiphany Cathedral.

14 October it became known that the residents of eagle are preparing new actions against the monument to Ivan the terrible. About it Life said the Deputy of the city Council of the eagle, the first of two convocations Yury Malyutin. “Yesterday, filed a claim, the people who are protesting against this case. To hold a rally on the square in front of the eyes of the Governor – refused. Today, I know will serve a second demand,” he said.

According to Malyutin, the picket are going to attend 150. According to the MP, contrary to the assurances of the authorities, in fact, more than half of citizens do not support the installation of the monument in the historical center of eagle.

Fortress Orel was founded in 1566 on the orders of Ivan the terrible to protect the southern borders, this year is officially considered the founding date of the city, as evidenced by the entry of the event in the Nikon chronicle.

The second monument to Ivan the terrible, will open on 4 November in the Vladimir region 14.10.2016

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