Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Andrei Kuraev was not allowed in Latvia. At the airport “Riga” was stopped by guards and said that he was black-listed at the request of the security Police of the country, reports the portal Delfi. Moreover, Kuraev valid long-term Schengen visa, which he recently moved without interference in other country of the Schengen zone.

“They say that the Latvian security service has long been banned I check the ban has been extended in 2015. In Latvia I was once 10 years ago. There were no scandals, although at the time the lecture was in the “House of Moscow”, said Kuraev in his blog.

Kuraev was going to Riga to take part in the discussion “Talk about soul” in the library named Zadornov. His companions had become the Petersburg philosopher Alexander Sekatskii and local psychologist Maris Silins.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” Kuraev said that the reason for its inclusion in the black list could become the statement he made in 2014. Then he called the President of Latvia “is not quite Mature politician,” because he asked Patriarch Kirill to come to Republic.

Also the reason why Kuraev was not let in Latvia, it may be a criticism of the Roerich local activists a decade ago. “I called them a sect and they wrote a letter to the Latvian foreign Ministry with a demand not to let me in the country,” said the archdeacon.

Consulate of Russia and the Latvian Ministry of foreign Affairs situation is not clarified. In the end, Kura spent the whole day at the airport waiting for return flight to Moscow.

The security police of Latvia has forbidden the Protodeacon Kuraev of the Russian Orthodox Church entry into the country 27.11.2016

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