Us senators asked the administration of US President Donald trump with the question, when I finally started anti-Russian sanctionsimposed by the head of state almost two months ago, reports Reuters. “We understand that this is a complicated law, but it is time to act,” reads the letter signed by senators John McCain and Ben Cardin.

The document notes that the trump had by October 1 to determine the parameters that will be determined by the persons who potentially fall under the restrictions for cooperation with Russia in the sectors of defense industry and information security. To date, there is no reason to believe that the American authorities will manage to solve this issue is to put deadline.

“The actions of Congress and your signature sent a strong message to Russia and other countries that dare to intervene in our democracy. Now it is necessary that your administration has implemented the provisions of the act in full extent, to protect American interests”, – underlined in the letter, McCain and Cardin.

Note that trump has signed the law on 2 August, calling it flawed. He stressed that the sanctions over Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections “contravene the Constitution” and that “they harm the interests of U.S. allies in Europe.” However, trump has signed a bill “for the sake of national unity.”

The bill entitled “Law on combating the enemies of America by sanctions” implies the reduction of the term market financing of Russian banks under sanctions, up to 14 days, and of the companies subjected to the oil and gas sector – up to 30 days.

The document also suggests that the US President can impose sanctions on individuals who intend to invest in the construction of Russian export pipelines over five million dollars a year or a million dollars at a time or are going to provide projects, services, technology or information support.

In addition, according to the draft law, the lifting of sanctions will require a new procedure. President trump, if he wants to cancel sanctions against any person or company, will have to ask permission of the Congress, convincingly justifying his request.

The senators complained about the slow pace of trump the issue of anti-Russian sanctions 30.09.2017

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