The share of credit cards in the total number of open by October 2016 for the first time exceeded 50%, the newspaper “Izvestia” , citing data from the joint credit Bureau (OKB), noting that of the 76 million of new loans (cash loans, mortgages and auto loans) to more than 38 million was accounted for by “plastic”.

On the other hand, the share of credit cards in absolute terms remains small. In General, Bank cards, credit cards occupy a very humble position, and their share is not growing, the newspaper writes.

In General, in the second and third quarters of 2016, the debt of individuals showed a small increase after five quarters of downward momentum, however, the results of two years ago has not yet been reached.

The share of overdue loans to Russian borrowers, according to the Bureau, in the third quarter of 2016 compared with the previous quarter decreased by 0.5 percentage points to 17.5%. According to the Bureau, the most significant decline in non-performing loans over the reporting period noted in the credit card segment.

Analysts attribute the growing popularity of credit cards the beginning of a gradual recovery in the retail lending market. In addition, the crisis for the banks it is lending to use the cards is the least risky, and for the citizens they remain a source of “short money” in case of emergency in the face of declining real incomes.

Banking analyst at the ratings Agency RAEX (Expert RA) Ekaterina Kirillova explained to the publication that banks gradually reduce the requirements for clients and are more willing to approve the credit card limits, especially payroll clients.

“Credit cards are one of the growth drivers of retail lending over the last several years”, – reminded the journalists the Director of product development, the design Bureau Alexander Ahlomov

The share of credit card loans in Russia for the first time exceeded 50% 27.10.2016

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