In Russia, increasing the level of citizens ‘ distrust in the media, now information on television and in the Newspapers does not believe more than half of respondents, reports “Interfax” with reference to data of Fund “Public opinion”.

The public opinion Foundation conducted the study with similar questions in August 2015. This allowed to identify the dynamics of preferences. By the fall of 2016, the proportion of Russians do not trust the media, up 10 percentage points from 41% to 51%. Those who trust, was 7% less – 40%.

The fact that the economic situation in the country worse than reported by the media, said 46% of respondents, 28% said economic information in the media relevant, and only 7% believe that the media exaggerate, and in fact, the situation in the economy better.

46% of respondents blamed the press bias in the coverage of the situation in the Russian economy. 61% of respondents believes that TV, radio and Newspapers provide an incomplete picture of the economy that is three times less (20%) of those who believe the opposite.

According to sociologists, last year the demand for information about the economic situation in the country has fallen. Currently, the news in the economy “carefully, trying not to miss anything”, keep 30% of Russians, while a year earlier, in August 2015, the figure was 42%.

The share of those who distrust the media the Russians exceeded 50% 16.10.2016

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