The son of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Bilal denied charges of Russia that he and his family receive income from smuggling of oil. “We are building offices in Istanbul… We do not conduct business in the Mediterranean, in Syria or Iraq,” he said in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Earlier in the defense Ministry claimed that Turkey is a major buyer of oil is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAYS). Of involvement in illicit trade the Russian Ministry accused the family of President Erdogan and particularly his son Bilal, who was allegedly photographed with the Islamists.

Bilal himself has called the Islamists a “disgrace” and pointed out that these were “the enemies of his country”. “They don’t represent Islam, and I don’t consider them Muslims,” said the son of Erdogan. 35-year-old man in September is Bologna. In Italy he is completing a doctoral dissertation on international law, reports InoPressa.

Narrating about the business, Erdogan Jr. said that the Bmz company Ltd is engaged in commercial construction in Istanbul, also has the contract to build vehicles for the Russian businessman. As for another of Erdogan’s son, Burak, he is a merchant ship, but it does not apply to the transportation of oil.

Bilal Erdogan explained that Turkey is selling Kurdish oil, but buys it from the refinery Tupras, owned by Koc family. “But this family says that buys oil only from legitimate sources,” said Bilal, adding that this company is not owned by the state.

He expressed hope that Turkey’s relations with Russia back to normal. “But this will not happen if people pursue only their own interests,” he warned. “What happened with the Russian aircraft, it is regrettable, but we must focus on real problems,” said Bilal Erdogan.

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed has denied data about the fact that Bilal Erdogan was photographed with the Islamists. The correspondent of the edition specifies that in the picture, which circulated in the media, bearded men next to the younger Erdogan is the owner of one of the Turkish eateries, called Cegeristan. The reporter personally visited and even ate kebabs, what is said in the article, which leads InoPressa.

Statements by the Russian leadership about the relations of Turkey with the “Islamic state” became more frequent after the incident with the downed Turkish air force Russian su-24 bomber. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin after the attack of a Turkish fighter accused Ankara of aiding and abetting terrorism. Later, the Russian leader talked about the deliberate Islamization of the country, which the Turkish authorities have reportedly conducted in recent years. Also, the Russian leadership has repeatedly reiterated that Ankara is waiting for an apology for the downed su-24.

Turkey believes that the plane was shot down, defending its airspace, justifying their actions by saying that the Turkish pilots allegedly did not know that the bomber is Russian. The Turkish leadership also claims that the VC of the Russian Federation bombed the Turkish-Syrian border positions of Syrian Turkmens, which Ankara supports.

Further aggravation of the situation was the introduction of Russian sanctions against Turkey. Ankara promises to take retaliatory measures.

Earlier Tuesday, Iraq acceded to the accusations against Turkey funding ISIS. The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al Abadi said that the majority of the smuggled oil came to this country. “You must stop the smuggling of oil”, – quotes its words Reuters.

The son of Erdogan said that he sells oil and not photographed with the Islamists 08.12.2015

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