The grandson of the recently deceased President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, named in his honour Islam, appeared in the press reports of the death of his mother Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of the late President – “just rumors,” reports the BBC Russian service.

Answering the question of the Uzbek service of the BBC, the 23-year-old Islam Karimov said that his mother “is still under house arrest”, where it was placed in February 2014. However, he said that his sister Iman Karimova under house arrest have already been released, but she is still not allowed to leave the country. He is currently in London.

Reports of the death of Gulnara Karimova appeared this week, 22 Nov. Portal Center-1, citing an unnamed source in the national security Service of Uzbekistan announced that the 44-year-old daughter of late President was poisoned and died 5 Nov.

Later, the information about the death of Karimova were denied by sources to several media outlets. Furthermore, in Twitter, was in October 2016 on behalf of Karimova, came sarcastic comments concerning the rumors about her death.

While in 2014 the son of Karimova reported in a BBC interview that his life and his mother are in danger. “Your mother tried to poison two years ago. It was some kind of substance, which included heavy metals. My body found the remains of six kinds of metal, the mother was more”, – said Karimov.

She Gulnara Karimova in 2013 in an interview with Turkish newspaper Hurriyet told that someone tried to poison her with mercury.

“Worst of all I was in the fall of 2011. I had tests in many clinics throughout Europe – me and my son was diagnosed with “heavy metal poisoning”. The results of tests, copies of which I have, prove that level (probably in blood) of mercury, silver and zinc exceed all possible standards. I still have side effects, and believe me, they are not easy”, she said (quoted by the website “Russian planet”).

The son of Gulnara Karimova described the reports of her death “just rumors” 24.11.2016

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