The version of the attack during the investigation of the crash of Tu-154 in the Black sea is not regarded as the main due to a number of circumstances: initially, the plane was not supposed to land in Sochi at all, and until the departure he was kept under heavy guard, said the source TASS in the security services.

A spokesman said that the Tu-154 took off from the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region, where passengers and Luggage passed a thorough inspection. It was planned that the aircraft will refuel in Mozdok, but due to weather conditions it was moved to Adler. “Thus, information about what the aircraft will refuel at the airport of Sochi, the advance was not”, – said the representative of the security services.

After arrival in Adler, the aircraft was kept under guard. On Board up three persons – two border guards and one customs officer, and from the plane came only Navigator to control the filling process. “The food on Board was served, and refueling was carried out by staff personnel”, – said the source.

Thus, according to him, there is no evidence in favor of the attack, and the security organs and the investigation does not consider this version as a major.

A number of experts, however, the accident still raises such suspicions. So, an air force major, pilot-instructor Andrew Krasnoperov has previously said: “It’s too suspicious that the plane after takeoff in the climb, is just a few minutes, disappears from radar screens. The Tu-154 has three engines, it is very reliable. I think, was the destruction of the aircraft, as it was in Sharm El-Sheikh, where the speed he had first 780 km/h and then rapidly became 170 km/h, and loss of height of 1000 metres”.

He also added that if the plane fell intact, there would be no such separation of fragments, and therefore “somewhere someone gave the briefcase, someone something could have put”. “Believe me, this fragmentation is only at the destruction of the plane in the air”, – concluded the expert.

Aviaekspert Vadim Lukashevich also said that the wreckage is scattered over a large area, which may be an indication that the aircraft started to disintegrate in the air, “and if in the air – it is a terrorist attack.”

Military expert Alexander Golts said that it is pointless to speak without the black boxes, was this a terrorist attack or a malfunction, but said worrying detail – the Russian government immediately began to deny the version of the attack.

Regarding the black boxes, the Russian transport Minister Maxim Sokolov on Sunday evening announced that they were not equipped with radio beacons, and therefore the search for them will be at the bottom, among other fragments. The large scatter of the wreckage, he said, caused by strong deepwater flow.

Informed source of”Interfax” in emergency services said, according to preliminary data, the crew during the climb “was faced with the technical failure of a critical nature.” The version associated with a possible error of piloting, cannot be excluded but is unlikely due to the extensive experience of the pilots.

The Tu-154 disappeared from radar at 05:27 Moscow time two minutes after takeoff from Sochi. Among the victims of the disaster 64 associate of the ensemble, three of the crew (NTV, “Star” and “First”), doctor Elizabeth Glinka, which were transported to Syria medicine, Director of the Department of culture of the Ministry of defense Anton Gubankov, the head of the Alexandrov ensemble Valery Khalilov. Monday, December 26, declared in Russia by day of national mourning.

The source explained why the security services do not believe in the version of the attack on Board the crashed Tu-154 26.12.2016

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