The French group Space and its leader Didier Marouani filed a lawsuit in the Moscow city court demanding to ban Philip Kirkorov to sing “tough love” because it is plagiarism.

“Except Kirkorov, the lawsuit claimed the song writer Oleg Popkov, “Phillip Kirkorov prodakshn” Sony Music Entertainment group of companies Rones and RTR. We ask the court to prohibit Kirkorov’s performance of the song “Cruel love”, – told TASS the lawyer Igor works, representing the interests of French musicians.

Marouani, who created the song Symphonic space dream, intends to sue the Russian singer and his co-defendants 75,34 million rubles compensation from copyright infringement and moral damages. The fact of the plagiarism, according to his statement, confirmed by comprehensive Avtozavodskiy and musicological research in ANO “Centre for forensic examination and research.”

“According to experts-musicologists, the fact partially in the song “Cruel love” original music and thematic material part of bars of the chorus of the song Marouani Symphonic space dream. The percentage of the borrowing of thematic material in it is 31.25%, and the percentage of the borrowing of musical material relative to the work as a whole is 43,27%,” – said Trunov.

In turn a press-the Secretary Kirkorov Anton Korobov-Zemlyansky believes that the French group and its leader are unable to make such accusations against the Russian singer, because he is not the author of music and words of the song “Cruel love”. According to him, the claim was started as an attempt to Space “remind myself” or to draw attention to the tour or album.

“If we talk in General about the situation, the music is Oleg Popkov, he is also the author of the song “Cruel love”. Therefore, in principle, any claims of plagiarism or something else to present to Philip Kirkorov at least absurd,” – said the representative of Kirkorov.

Additionally, the composer Oleg Popkov has already declared to journalists that considers the possibility of filing a counterclaim to the French team.

“Song I wrote myself. I have drafts of songs between 1996 and 1998, RAO song was recorded in 2000. For the first time the song was performed in 1999 by a group of “Miracle island”, where I then worked, we played it at St. Petersburg restaurant “Academy”, – he said, noting that Space perform their composition since 2001.

“I listened to the song of the group Space, the chorus is really similar. But I have a feeling that in their song the chorus is very different from solo, as if artificially made. Still not clear, someone who stole,” – said the Russian composer.

The Space group is asking the court to prohibit Kirkorov to sing about tough love. 01.11.2016

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