Russia managed to quarrel with one of his most important and long-standing allies, sniping Ukrainian media. We are talking about expulsion from Serbia several Russian citizens who are involved in the surveillance of the Montenegrin Prime Minister. Immediately after the first reports about the deported Russians flew to Belgrade, the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev. Kommersant , citing local experts wrote that the main purpose of the visit of the former head of the FSB – aliasing scandal and the avoidance of complications in bilateral relations.

Newspaper Danasreported the deported Russians, stingy on the details. Publication failed to figure out how many people were deported, was sent to citizens of the Russian Federation are connected with the Russian authorities and belong to the groups that can be identified with the official policy of Moscow.

Reportedly, the Serbian intelligence and investigative agencies “isolated” group of a dozen people suspected of taking action against the authorities in Montenegro. Among them are members of right-wing organizations, former members of paramilitary groups who fought in the Donbass. They had sophisticated equipment that allowed tracking of the movement of the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic and hide from the Montenegrin intelligence services. They also confiscated the uniform and about 125 thousand euros.

The government of Serbia was given to understand that Russian citizens implicated in the scandal, have already expelled from the country. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic refused to comment on the incident, noting that “the law” has no right to talk about it, in addition, he noted that he would like to clarify the “many details”, before sharing them with the public. “About something I’d like to say, to let people know about the complexity of our position, and everything else I would say would be exaggerated vzbudorazhen the public”, – transfers words Vucic , RIA “Novosti”.

In turn, the “Kommersant” notes that the visit of Secretary of security Council of the Russian Federation in Belgrade is not announced. Nikolai Patrushev met with the entire leadership of the Republic, from foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and ending with President Tomislav Nikolic. All meetings were held behind closed doors, and officially it was reported that the representative of the Kremlin has offered Serbia to sign a Memorandum of understanding in the field of security. “Russian guest surely would like to clarify our actions on cooperation with Montenegro in the investigation of the activity of the groups who prepared the riots in Podgorica on 16 October,” said a source close to the government of Serbia.

Professor faculty of security, University of Belgrade Zoran Dragisic in the comments Betu expressed confidence that the visit of Patrushev is associated primarily with the Montenegrin scandal, not with the signing of the Memorandum.

According to sources, “Kommersant”, Belgrade is not interested in the aggravation of the situation. At the same time, Serbia focuses on EU membership and would like to distance themselves from criminal acts in the neighboring country. So, Prime Minister Alexander Vucic directly explained why the information was made public and confirmed: “Deeply mistaken those who thought that Serbia was in any way will participate in this crime.”

The spy scandal has jeopardized the Alliance between Russia and Serbia, to save the relationship instructed Patrushev media 28.10.2016

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