Actress Tippi Hedren, best known for his roles in the films of Alfred Hitchcock “Birds” and “Marnie” claims that the famous Director in the 1960-ies sexually harassed her. As reported by Russian service of the BBC, the 86-year-old mother of actress Melanie Griffith said in his autobiography.

In particular, the actress recalled “a terrible moment” – when Hitchcock threw her in the back seat of his limousine and tried to kiss me. As explained Hedren, she didn’t tell anyone about the incident because did not exist the concepts of “sexual harassment” and “stalking harassment”. In addition, says the actress, it was about the film brave superstar by Universal studios, she was just a model, he pulled from obscurity.

In 1963 Hedren starred in the famous movie “the Birds”. This role brought the actress the award “Golden globe” in the nomination “Best aspiring actress of the year” and she played Melanie Daniels was included in Premiere magazine’s list of the 100 greatest characters of all time. In 1964, Hedren played a role in another picture Hitchcock’s “Marnie”, where her partner was Sean Connery.

In his book Hedren describes the incident and later meeting with the Director in his office, when Hitchcock suddenly grabbed her and put hands on her. “This is sexual in nature, it was wrong and it was awful, I was shocked and amazed. The more I fought him, the more aggressive he became. He then began to threaten me, as though there could be something worse for me than what he tried to do in that moment,” writes the actress.

According to Tippi Hedren after she rejected Hitchcock’s harassment, the Director promised to ruin her career. From this moment on, Hitchcock really began to create problems Hedren: I refused to introduce her role to nominations for “Oscar”, were forbidden to play in other films, until she had a valid contract with him.

One of the few known films of the 1960-ies with the participation of Tippi Hedren was the picture of Charlie Chaplin’s “a Countess from Hong Kong” (1967). In the 1970-ies Hedren was filmed almost and in the early 1980s, years played in the television series “Hotel”, “tales of the dark side”, “murder She wrote”, “the Bold and the beautiful”.

Hedren said in his autobiography: despite the fact that perhaps Hitchcock ruined her career, she did not allow him to ruin her life. As an actress, at the same time she was saddened when the Director died in 1980, and even came to his funeral than surprised everyone. But by the time it all happened was in the past, said Hedren.

Alfred Hitchcock – British and American film Director, producer, screenwriter. Until 1939 worked in the UK, then in USA. Creativity Hitchcock is primarily associated with the Thriller genre. He made 55 feature films, many of which have become classics of world cinema. One of the paintings in Hitchcock’s “the Birds”, “Psycho,” “rear Window,” “Vertigo,” “Marnie”.

The star of the Hitchcock film “the Birds” has accused the Director of sexual harassment 01.11.2016

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