The deputies of all parliamentary parties began to Express dissatisfaction with changes in regulations and the work schedule of the lower chamber that occurred with the emergence of a new speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. Parliamentarians say that they do not have a regional weeks, and due to the imposition of fines for truancy has become difficult to conduct field meetings, reports RBC.

In the Duma of the previous convocation deputies worked one week in the regions, another in the committees, and the two remained for the plenary meetings. Since the beginning of the autumn session of the lower house of the seventh convocation has introduced three weeks and one regional, and work in committees, the parliamentarians must now be combined with plenary sessions.

According to two representatives of the faction “United Russia” wished to remain anonymous, to work in the regions for two weeks in a month is much more comfortable, in addition, parliamentarians are now unable to attend the relevant event if they are not in their regions, the Agency reports. These inconveniences can be the reason for the appeal to the Duma Committee on the regulations, but while it is not prepared, said the interlocutors RBC.

When a new chart was given less time working with the voters, confirmed the MP from the Communist party Alexey Chicken. According to him, it turns out “Galopom po evropam”. Parliamentarians working in a regional week with voters in the far East, it’s tough due to jet lag, said the source Agency in the LDPR faction.

The Deputy Fedot Tumusov from “Fair Russia” said that he feels difficulties due to the fact that there are fewer opportunities to speak at retreats, where he was invited: “I was invited to the opening of the plant. But the opening coincides with the day of the meeting. Now discussing with the organizers whether you can move, otherwise new rules will have to take time off at own expense”.

In the Committee on rules complaints to a new work schedule and requests to change it have been reported, said a member of the Committee of the United Russia Viktor Pinsky, the source Agency in the state Duma said any change to the order of the chamber Volodin plans.

A member of the Duma Committee on regulations of the United Russia party member Vladimir burmatov called the complaints of their colleagues, “serious deceit.” According to him, the time for the deputies ‘ work in the regions, on the contrary became more with the new schedule, you can afford to spend in the region of four days out of seven, even during the plenary week, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

MPs want to cut summer vacation

Against this background, it became known that the deputies want to reduce the summer vacation, extending their work until the end of July, in order to improve the quality of lawmaking “under the curtain” session, when the government traditionally insists on the prompt acceptance of their initiatives. Such a proposal will soon be submitted for discussion in the Duma, reports TASS citing a source in the leadership of the lower chamber.

Selects the days of the statutory holiday parliamentarians is expected to be offset in may, given that 1 through 9, the number of days fall out anyway due to the holidays and members in any case rest. The last week of this month it is also proposed to make the regional. “If the deputies will not be anywhere to break, they may get what they want (the opportunity to go on vacation), I will go more with the voters talk, and June – July full to work”, – said the Agency interlocutor, noting that if approved factions such schedule will run from next year.

Volodinskaya innovations

After the state Duma was headed by the former first Deputy of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin, parliamentarians introduced a number of restrictions and disciplinary measures. 21 Oct bottom adopted amendments to its rules of procedure, prepared by the Duma United Russia with the filing of Volodin. These amendments, parliamentarians deprived of the ability to vote instead of their colleagues by proxy at meetings of the lower house, its Committee or Commission.

November 16 was adopted announced Volodin amendments to the regulations of the lower chamber of the financial responsibility of members for absence at the plenary sessions of the state Duma without a good reason. Such meetings in a month – six, and for each absence from the people’s choice will be fined a sixth of the monthly salary. The current monthly salary of the Deputy of the state Duma is 383 927 roubles. Thus, each absence will cost the MP almost 64 thousand roubles.

Valid reasons for absence at the meeting of the state Duma has prescribed in its regulations previously is a temporary disability, business trip in the country or abroad, and also perform critical assignments outside of the building on Okhotny Ryad, for example participation in meetings of the state Council and security Council.

In addition, MPs are forbidden to use official cars at a distance greater than 50 km from Moscow. As reported, this was done at the request of the Avtokombinat the office of the President. Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on transport Alexander Starovoitov explained that most of his colleagues represent the regions, so travel around the Moscow region on cars, they are often unable for personal purposes.

It was also reported that the current Duma of a personal decision Volodin refused from the new year corporate party in the conference room, so that the voters never thought that the latter-day servants of the people “getting fat” in the context of the economic crisis in the country.

The state Duma began to murmur against volodinskaya amendments to the regulations and the fight against absentees 01.12.2016

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