The state Duma Committee on family, women and children held the bill of Senator Valentina Petrenko, forbidding to register in the office of the Registrar the names consisting of numerals, of numerals, abbreviations, and profanity, reports TASS. The Senator has decided to legally protect a boy named BOCH (Biological object human) from their ingenuity of his parents, abusing, in her opinion, their parental rights.

As stated in the explanatory Memorandum available on the website of the state Duma, the current legislation does not oblige parents to give children only those names that are not explicitly violate children’s rights and interests. The law also does not specify how to proceed in cases where such a violation was obvious.

The Registrar’s office is not entitled to refuse to register the child’s name because of his name, offensiveness, lack of culture, naprasnosti, etc., indicated in the explanatory note. At the same time, the Senator wants to stop the parents abuse their parental rights: “Giving an unusual, exotic name to your child, parents don’t always represent the difficulties, especially in children’s team, may face their son or daughter.”

In particular, pace proposes to amend the Federal law on acts of civil status. The intent of the Senator, at the state registration of birth “may not register a name that contains digital, lettering, numerals, symbols, or any combination, ranks, positions, profanity, representing a variety of abbreviations”.

Petrenko proposes to Supplement article 19 of the Civil code, the following definition: “Under the name of the citizen refers to the means of individualization of the citizen, which cannot consist of digital, lettering, numerals, symbols, or any combination of abbreviations, profanity, indicate the positions”.

Petrenko leads the statistics of the registry offices of Moscow since 1998. According to her, “among the most unusual names that got the boys, were as follows: Nicholas-Nikita-Neal, Christards, Dolphin, Jaroslav-Lutobor, Luka-Happiness, Summerset ocean”. “During this period, was recorded the following unusual names girls: April, Pauline-Pauline, Princess Danielle, dawn-Zagranica, Alesha-Kaprina, Ocean, Sofia-Sun”, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum.

The document stated: “In the Perm region parents named her newborn baby Lucifer (as in the text of the explanatory note! – Approx. and this resonant case forced the company to think hard about the validity of the priority right of parents to choose absolutely any name of your child in front of his own right to a name, the right of guardianship and guardianship to pick up the children from “abnormal” parents and the right of the Registrar to refuse to register “abnormal” names”.

The bill will provide more effective state protection of constitutional rights and lawful interests of minors in the name, says Petrenko.

The Senator fails to mention that in August 2015 in the Leninsky district of Ekaterinburg registered the boy – Crimea A., named in honor of the accession of the Russian Federation in 2014 the Crimean Peninsula, and in November of the same year a baby girl was born in the Moscow hospital, called Syria. As you know, October 31, began the operation of Air and space troops of the Russian Federation in this country.

Examples of names consisting of “offensive” language, Senator Petrenko also does not, but it’s a little different story. “The story of a boy with the name BOC RVF 260602 (Biological object of man kind Voronin – frolovs born 26 June 2002) will not be allowed here for the past 10 years. Little BOTCH (as it is called) is still living without documents, as the court sided with the civil registry office of Moscow refused to register the child with that name in the protection of his interests”, – says Petrenko.

The story of a boy BOCH

This story recalled in 2014, one of the initiators of the development of the same Duma of the draft law lawyer Victoria Pashkova, who learned about the registration of Lucifer Konstantinovich Menshikov, proposed not only to prohibit the use of the names of newborns Russians, digits, punctuation and various symbols, but exotic names in General.

The boy’s father, the artist Vyacheslav Voronin explained the choice of name: “Peter as “rock” is translated, Galina – “chicken”. What are you hiding under the Latin names – try to translate them, and you yourself will become clear the whole absurdity, – said Voronin is a senior in 2013, the newspaper “Trud”. – Calling the child a common name, you deprive him of individuality. Our son all sorts of interpreters and psychologists predicted a lot of trouble and suffering. Some even offered to deprive us of parental rights. Can now draw some conclusions. Yes, there are problems, but they are not connected with the name of the son. He just doesn’t want to learn. I didn’t want. This is normal. The guy changed three schools. And nowhere no one teased. I was surprised. BOCH is in the section of karate. Assumed initially that he would have to protect herself, but it turned out that this is not necessary. By the way, you wonder why kids are giving up their names in favor of different nicknames, nicknames?”

Vyacheslav Voronin in an interview with reporters asked to call either by name, or not at all, explaining that he hates his name. He insisted that many of his friends also want to change their names to abbreviation of BOTCH with the numbers, and while using them as nicknames on the Internet. He wished to be referred to only as BOTCH sun 250856 (Biological Object of Man kind Voronin-Parkhomenko, who was born 25 August 1956).

According to Vyacheslav Voronin, judges justify their refusal by the fact that boy children in future will not be able to wear his first name. The failure of the court he considers to be an infringement of rights – after all, the patriarchs and the kings have the right to digital name. In addition, he was aware that in Europe there lives a girl named A22. The parents came to the Strasbourg court, but they generally refused to consider the case.

About the ban Petrenko, Voronin has declared to Agency “national news service”: “Obama we have a second, Alex second, the elite has the numbers in the names. Let forbid. We in the registry office refused to register the name of my son. We recorded it in America – received a passport of a citizen of the world. Son is now 14. It was called the BOTCH”.

“All of our names thrown into the dustbin of history. That is historic stuff. You can say that you have a personal name? I can’t because it is public. All Katie, Alex and Bob – a million of them. And each of them is proud of this name as the servant of his shackles. What idiots to speak? Private matter of each person to name their children. You ask my opinion, when their children called? So what if you climb up to me?” concluded Voronin.

The problem was not born in Russia. In Sweden in 1996, the parents of the child refused to register the name Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116. The parents claimed that the 43 combination of letters and numbers – “a meaningful, expressionistic combination”, which should be considered as a work of art in the spirit of patafisica Alfred Jarry.

The state Duma Committee approved the proposed Senator Petrenko ban to call children by numbers, acronyms and Mat 21.10.2016

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