The state Duma Committee on labor, lipolytica and youth Affairs, headed by a member of the LDPR faction Yaroslav Nilov, advised the parliamentarians not to pass the bill on the introduction of a salary cap for top managers of state corporations and companies with state participation in the wages of the Russian President, reports RIA “Novosti”. With this initiative in February last year was made by the Deputy from “Fair Russia” Oleg Nilov (he has no family ties with Nilavum from LDPR).

The draft law sets limits on payments to managers, their deputies, chief accountants and concluding a labor contract members of the collegial Executive bodies of state or municipal institutions, state or municipal unitary enterprises and state-owned companies and economic entities, more than 50% of shares (stakes) in the authorized capital of which is state or municipal property.

In addition, the bill involves the introduction of maximum ratio of salaries of top management to the average salary of other employees (number from one to eight). This initiative was made over a year ago the Deputy Nilov, who emphasized that top managers of state companies may not earn more than the President. “More than the President of the country no one not working, not risking everything, does not make so much work, and hence may not receive more than the President”, – he explained.

During the discussion of the draft law, first Deputy Chairman of the profile Committee of the lower house of Parliament on labor Mikhail Tarasenko asked the spravedlivorossov whether, in his opinion, no one in the country works more than the President. In the end, the majority of the Committee recommended to reject the bill, said the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

In addition, the Committee noted that even in the case of adoption of such law its provisions will not operate as a limitation on the size of the salary of a top Manager can be easily circumvented by bonuses and various bonuses.

“We are talking about organizations, in which a part, usually, property belongs to the state, but which operate in a market economy. The state, through its representatives, of course, must affect the restriction of salaries of top managers, and this mechanism we need to develop. But the state cannot establish the organizations working in the conditions of market economy, a ceiling is the abstract from just your General understanding and reasoning. It would be a violation of the competence, which the Labor code is the exclusive authority of the employer”, – said the member of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Andrey Isaev.

Previously, for controlling the rate of payment a top-managers of state-owned companies and salaries of managers of state institutions and sue were the Ministry of labor, but in the end the proposals in the anti-crisis plan of the government has not got, reminds RBC.

The state Duma Committee has refused to equalize the salary of Putin and top managers of state companies 18.10.2016

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