The government has submitted a bill signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, according to which heads of regions will have the right to remove heads of municipalities for improper use of intergovernmental transfers. The project is available in the database of the lower house of Parliament (PDF).

Changes are proposed to the Federal law “On General principles of organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation”. They “will improve the mechanism of responsibility of the head of the municipality and the head of local administration before the Supreme official of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation… in case of improper use of intergovernmental transfers that have a purpose, budget loans, as well as violations of the terms of (spending) intergovernmental transfers, fiscal loans that will also help to relieve tension in the relationship between the subject of the Russian Federation and municipal formations”, reads the explanatory note.

The same remedies available for the breach of the expenditure of intergovernmental transfers and budget loans, if determined appropriate by the court, and the officer took in the scope of its powers of measures on execution of court decisions.

As reminds RIA “Novosti”, in July the state Duma adopted the law on the simplified procedure for the transfer of Federal powers to the regions and the Federal law of Ministers to apply to the government a proposal on the resignation of the governors in the case of improper execution of their duties.

The law also requires that Federal Ministers may make regional officials of the recommendation to dismiss their deputies or heads of regional Executive bodies responsible for implementation of office if they are not systematically enforced.

The state Duma has proposed to allow the governors to dismiss mayors for untargeted spending 21.08.2015

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