While the legislators of Russia strenuously developing options for the introduction of patriotism to the masses in the country can be a new holiday – Day of patriotism. It is offered to establish August 6 – the day of the introduction of Russia grocery embargo. A proposal already submitted to the state Duma, reports TASS.

The author of the initiative made by the President of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism “Avanti” Rahman Anshukov. In the explanatory note to the document States that “foreign policy actions of Russia on the acceptance of the will of citizens of the Republic of Crimea on accession to Russia and the subsequent accession of the Republic into the Russian Federation met with unprecedented resistance from the US and European powers.” “Establishing a new memorable date (…) will perpetuate the manifestation of unity within the country, which helped to meet the internal growth external pressure”, – said the author of the initiative.

“In the turbulent economic situation it is the business of patriots lay increased responsibility for the preservation and development of the real sector of the economy and the fate of our state”, – the statement says Anshukova to the leadership of the state Duma. In his opinion, the key decision in this matter was the publication of the decree of the President dated 6 August 2014 “On application of certain special economic measures to ensure security of the Russian Federation”.

This document considers Yanakov, “business-the patriots were given a clear signal that it is on the basis of their productive activities to build the economic future of Russia”. In his opinion, “the implementation of this policy allowed for a relatively short period of time to ensure import substitution of certain agricultural products, raw materials and food has given impetus to the development of domestic industries contributed to an increase in economic security and improve the level and quality of life of citizens of our country.”

According to Anshukova, implementation of the policy of import substitution in the end, “has brought together ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs around the idea of building the economic independence of Russia, a true manifestation of patriotism in difficult conditions of constant political and economic pressure”.

The ban on the import into Russia of certain types of products from a number of countries valid from August 2014. It was introduced in response to sanctions announced by Western countries after the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

In 2015, the ban was extended for one year. In addition, the list of countries against which sanctions were imposed, has been expanded – in addition to the United States, Australia, Canada, EU and Norway, it also included the Republic of Albania, Montenegro, the Republic of Iceland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In may this year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has instructed to renew the food embargo until the end of 2017.

Analysts have repeatedly noted that the Russian authorities had not calculated the economic consequences. Sanctions war took place under the slogan of supporting local producers and import substitution, but the effect was lower than expected, and substantive support to domestic farmers received was not from an embargo, and from the devaluation of the ruble, which has made imported food is not available for the majority of Russians. The strengthening of the ruble observed I-III quarters of this year, was one of the factors for the suspension of the processes of import substitution, stated the experts.

For according to Western economists, food sanctions Moscow has not caused serious damage in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the introduction of retaliatory sanctions Russia caused additional damage. Two years of food embargo food prices in Russia grew by 31.6%, reported the Ministry of economic development.

In October 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill on the suspension of the agreement with the US on plutonium disposition, which sets out the terms of the renewal agreements. One of them is the failure of the US “hostile policy” towards Russia, which should be expressed “in the abolition of all sanctions imposed by the US against certain subjects of the Russian Federation, Russian legal entities and physical persons” and “compensation of the damage suffered by Russia in the imposition of sanctions including the loss from the introduction of forced counter-sanctions against the United States.”

The state Duma propose to commemorate the day of the introduction of Russia grocery embargo, established the Day of patriotism 14.11.2016

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