The State Duma ratified the agreement between the government of the Russian Federation and Syria on the indefinite presence of the Russian air group in Syrian territory, reports RIA “Novosti”</u>. This step, as noted earlier, will be the best response to the refusal of the United States from further negotiations with Russia on the settlement of the situation in Syria, where since 2011, the ongoing civil war.

For the ratification of agreement between Russia and Syria, signed at Damascus on 26 August last year, voted 446 MPs. “The use of the Russian aviation group is carried out in accordance with the decision of its commander according to the plans agreed by the parties”, – the document says.

The composition of the Russian aviation group is determined by the Russian side in coordination with the Syrian. “Weapons, ammunition, equipment and materials necessary for the execution of the Russian aviation group of tasks, to ensure the safety and life of its personnel are imported to the SAR without charging any fees and duties”, – stated in the accompanying agreement documents.

The defence Ministry does not rule out a return of Russian military bases in Cuba and Vietnam

“The Russian aviation group are exempt from all direct and indirect taxes, and enjoys complete immunity from civil and administrative jurisdiction of the SAR. Movable and immovable property, archives and documents Russian aviation inviolable”, – stated in the document.

In addition, vehicles and aircraft of the Russian Federation, used in the interests of the Russian aviation group, shall be immune from inspection, search, requisition, arrest and other coercive measures.

“The Syrian side has no claims of Russia, its air force and its personnel, and does not excite them against any lawsuits in connection with the activities of the Russian aviation group and its personnel,” reads an accompanying note.

The agreement is for an indefinite period. Its use is terminated at the expiration of one year from the date of receipt of notice by either party of intention to terminate the agreement.

On the evening of 3 October on the website of the U.S. state Department statement, according to which the United States authorities cease negotiations with Russia on the settlement of the Syrian crisis. The refusal to continue the dialogue at the state Department explained the unwillingness of Russia to fulfill its obligations. The U.S. government will maintain military contacts, to avoid conflicts with air operations in Syria.

“The Duma can react with a decision on ratification by the aviation group in Syria. And this is the best statement,” – said on October 3, RIA “news” familiar with the situation. The contract in question was signed between Russia and Syria August 26, 2015, before the official beginning of the Russian operation in Syria – the Federation Council approved the President’s decision on the beginning of the campaign in September 2015.

Despite the fact that the contract was signed in August of 2015, it was published only on January 14, 2016 the agreement was published on the official portal of legal information. However, then the question of ratification of the Treaty did not go. 29 July 2016, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered to submit to the President the agreement that he submitted it for ratification to the state Duma. In early August a document was submitted for ratification to the Parliament.

The agreement between the government of the Russian Federation and Syria says that Russia can place in the aerodrome Hamim in the province of Latakia aviation group for an indefinite period and free of charge. Commenting on the document, Senator Konstantin Kosachev called it unique and unparalleled. “The Russian Federation in the far abroad, there is no database. Base that we had in foreign countries – Cuba, Vietnam – at the time, were closed,” explained the Senator is the basic meaning of this agreement.

The state Duma ratified the agreement on the indefinite location of videoconferencing in Syria 07.10.2016

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