In the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy there was a funny incident – witnesses caught the Steller sea lion stealing fish from containers and took what was happening in the video, it is posted on YouTube.

In the explanation of the video stated that the thief rode all day in the boat with the Sakhalin fishermen. And when he got to the beach we moored the ship, then decided to profit by catch of fishermen. He leaned on the containers with the fish and began to eat their contents. In this case the animal did not get embarrassed by the presence around him of people. Boxes of fish, most likely awaiting loading on the transport refrigerator “Pyotr Ilyich”.

Kamchatka sea lions is not the first time gain popularity on the Russian Internet thanks to curious cases. One of these occurred in early March while unloading fish from one of the moored ships. On the shore got a big Steller sea lion and attacked the pump with which the catch was taken from seiner, told “life”. The seal was so hungry that the sailors are unable to drive it in the sea and began to throw him fish, which he swallowed on the fly.

The Steller sea lion or sea lion is the largest eared seal. Some individuals reach four meters in length and weigh about a ton. But mostly “growth” of the animal was 2.5-3 meters tall, and weighs about 600 pounds.

The Steller sea lion, all day procatalyse on the boat, in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky they stole from the fishermen catch (VIDEO) 21.04.2017

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