The soldiers of Regardie during the storm on November 14 houses in the village, Pskov region, Strugi Krasnye, where there were two armed teenagers Denis Ants and Ekaterina Vlasova, went into the living room to “neutralize the armed criminals”. About this informed the head a press-services Severo-the Western district of national guard troops of the Russian Federation Valery Viktorov, according to “Pskov province”.

According to Viktorov, the term “neutralizing an armed criminal” is intended to neutralize, disarm one person or another. The representative of the office explained that the phrase “an armed criminal” was used in connection with the fact that, initially, law enforcement officials believed that Vlasov is held hostage by Muraviev.

The next day after the assault, November 15, the Prosecutor’s office of the Pskov region reported that all the actions of men of Regardie during operational activities in the house with teenagers was within the law. The Investigative Committee at the same time reported that the Agency received confirmation of the suicide students to complete the assault. “Young man shot to their peers and then committed suicide”, – reported in the UK.

The government has instructed the Serbian Institute training the school psychologists after the death of teenagers in Strugi Krasnie

As has explained a press-Secretary Severo-the Western district of Victoria Regardie troops, soldiers were ordered weapons free. “Upon entering the house, they used a special armoured shields, assuming that adolescents can start to shoot. With shields, they can deflect the first shot, and then unarmed combat to disarm them”, – said Viktorov.

The soldiers of Regardie – security Agency, created in April 2016, which includes the interior troops, OMON and SOBR, was recruited to work in Strugi Krasnie after telling the police that on the morning of 14 November from the window of a house down the street Kudryavtseva on them opened fire. The police in turn arrived to the house after reports one of the relatives Vlasova who searched for the girl after she did not return home on Friday, November 11.

As follows from the report of”Snob”, 15-year-old grade 9 school N24 of the city of Pskov Denis Muraviev and Catherine Vlasov had a difficult relationship with your parents: the young man with his stepfather, the girl – mother. They decided to run away after a quarrel with Catherine’s mother. As reported in the story of “Medusa”, on Friday, November 11, they withdrew the money from the cards of the parents boarded the bus and traveled over 80 kilometers from the city, in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye, where was the house of his stepfather Vlasova, the house in the end and stormed the soldiers of Regardie.

In the house the Teens spent the weekend. They managed to open one of the safes, which was a double-barreled shotgun, a pistol, another gun and ammunition. On Monday morning, November 14, during the storming of the house, the Teens conducted a live broadcast in Periscope. It was obvious that we found Ants rifles fired on the police car. Shortly before the death of teenagers on the page Vlasova “Vkontakte” appeared the status of “go be nice”, and later another message: “I’m not hostage, I will.”

The storming of the house with teenagers near Pskov soldiers of Regardie was to “neutralize the criminal” 22.11.2016

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