Last summer, the flow of customers between non-state pension funds (NPF) and between the NPF and the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) initially noticeably slowed, and then ceased almost completely, the newspaper “Kommersant”. In July, the newspaper notes, total traffic fell to 100 thousand applications, in August total number of applications amounted to only 11 thousand

Interim results of reception of applications for transfer of pension savings suggests that as of September 1 FIU received 4,513 million applications. Of these, 2.5 million allegations related to the transfer of funds from the PFR to NPF, and 1.93 million people expect to exchange one Fund for another. However, the movement of pension funds noted in the first half of the year, when the total number of applications increased by about 600-700 thousand per month.

The reason for summer fall traffic was what happened at the end of June the lock after verification of the accounts chamber of the main remote channel for receipt of applications for the transfer of savings through certifying centres (UTS).

The auditors found that with the use of UTS in 2016 in RPF, there were more than 87% applications for transfer of savings, and told of the identified “risks of falsification of statements on behalf of the insured persons”.

Now prerequisites for the resumption of the activities of this channel no.
One of the brokers told the newspaper that in September, none of his large NPF has not waged an aggressive retail attraction OPS. According to the head of the NPF of the top 10, about half of the market, i.e. funds that are focused on protecting the base and did not conduct aggressive recruitment, has remained in positive territory.

To translate savings now possible, for example, by personal visit to the FIU, in addition, the majority of foundations are testing the possibility of applying through the state services portal.

According to ASV, the Central Bank and VEB pension savings are 38 pension funds. Under the management of the NPF is 2.4 trillion rubles, and under the control of GUK VEB – 1.7 trillion rubles (advanced portfolio).

The stream of applications for transfer of savings between pension funds stopped 30.09.2017

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