Easing of sanctions against Russia in exchange for its fight against extremist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) is not, said on Monday White house press Secretary Josh Ernest. According to him, the only scenario for this will be in the implementation of the Russian Federation the Minsk agreements on Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, we see that Russia doesn’t make steps in accordance with its commitments. So sanctions remain in force. But that should not stop us to pursue other interests in the field of national security. Russia already has significant incentives to step up the fight against IG,” – said Ernest during a regular press briefing (quoted by TASS).

To a reporter’s question about whether there is now “erosion” of the American coalition and the willingness of individual countries to act against ISIS, along with Russia, the press Secretary responded sharply negative. “Evidence – zero,” he said, adding that the Americans play a leading role in the coalition – both militarily and financially.

Discussion on this topic took place in the context of the upcoming visits to Washington and Moscow with French President Francois Hollande. It is expected that on Tuesday, Hollande will discuss with his American counterpart Barack Obama the idea of forming a broad anti-terrorist coalition. “We must create a broad coalition to deal a decisive blow against ISIS. The world community must demonstrate unity, despite differences between some countries”, – said the French leader. Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin he intends to hold on Thursday, 26 November.

Note that Hollande is not himself, but his representative took part in the talks, Western leaders, held on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Turkey. According to the Agency Reuters, the decision was then made for the extension of sanctions against Russia by six months until July 2016. Officially, this can be declared at the EU summit on 18 December.

Information on the extension of anti-Russian sanctions ahead was confirmed by the source Agency Bloomberg. Diplomats from European countries, in particular, noted that the lack of progress in the implementation of peace agreements in Ukraine leaves the EU no other choice. According to the source Agency in the government of France almost echoed the Obama administration: linking agreements on Syria will not affect the Ukrainian situation.
Russian authorities believe that relations with the West – working, and about the isolation of the Russian Federation speech never went. “When people talk about the return of the cold war and in this context mentioned the “iron curtain”, probably, is dictated by vociferous statements that are still no-no, and heard that it is necessary to isolate Russia. If you omit the “iron curtain”, can inadvertently something to pinch”, – commented on relations with Western partners, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Putin also noted that tensions between Russia and the West will fall: “Life goes on, things change, new problems arise, new threats, new challenges that are difficult to solve alone anyone, need to work together”.

The struggle of Russia with the IG is not sufficient for the lifting of sanctions, according to U.S. 24.11.2015

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