Around methods of teaching the fundamentals of the state cultural policy in the Moscow Conservatory there was a scandal after the Network got the video lectures of Professor Farida Kulmuhametov. The teacher asked student Daniel Pilichina to read out a list of the “fifth column”, downloaded it from the Internet. Student of Moscow detained participants of the protest against corruption, ridiculed propaganda lectures of a Professor, faces expulsion.

The video appeared on YouTube on March 25. Teacher Kulmuhametov Farida, candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor of the Humanities Department asked the fourth-year student musician Daniel Pilichina to read out a list of persons belonging to the “fifth column”.

Offered to students of the text begins with a brief definition of the term, and, judging by the quote that one of the goals of the “fifth column” is “slacking situations” “in order to weaken the economy of a separate state”, the text taken from the website of the portal “answers all questions”

Then followed a list of persons, illustrating the “fifth column”. It includes, in particular, the founder of the “Moscow Helsinki group” Lyudmila Alekseeva, chief editor of the New Times Yevgenia Albats, actress Liya Akhedzhakova, an associate of Alexei Navalny Leonid Volkov, Chairman of the party “the Western choice” Konstantin Borovoy, the first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, musician Andrei Makarevich, television host Nikolai Svanidze and many others.

The student in the course of reading trying to find out from the teacher than annoy actress Leah Akhedzhakova. “She does not annoy. She just chose your road and all,” explained associate Professor Farida Kulmuhametov.

After some time, the teacher is dissatisfied with a sarcastic tone and comments of student, took the papers from him and began to read the list yourself and “selectively,” but Pilchen continued to demand reviews to the list.

When the student asked the teacher to explain what harm did the musician Andrei Makarevich, Kulmuhametov said, “Maybe you will shut your mouth? After class ask your question”. “You see me every lesson to pluck? Behaves just a moron” – outraged the Prime Minister.

At the end of the lecture Pilchen accused the teacher that she “fulfills his miserable salary”, doing “God knows what”. “I spend my miserable salary, talking with such a pitiful student like you” replied Farida Kulmuhametov.

Svanidze believes the proliferation of such texts slander and inciting hatred

“The case itself is quite outrageous, because such lists are prepared from time to time in private. I know that the list was made, where I also appeared on the TV channel “Tsargrad”, – said on this occasion one of the defendants in the list Nikolay Svanidze in comments to radio station Business FM.

At the same time, the fact that “teaching” such a list in high school changes things: “This is a Federal higher educational institution where teaching an approved course. And the teacher reads or asks you to read out the list of people she classifies as a “fifth column” and explains, referring to the opinion of the President of the Russian Federation that “fifth column” – is a traitor,” said the presenter.

“And I have a question: who compiled this list, which she read out to students? Who put these names? That is, it calls these people traitors. Me, in particular. This, of course, slander. It is incitement to hatred. I think it matters to her. I think it’s more a question to the leadership of the University. I think that to some extent this is a matter for the Ministry of culture. I think these questions will be asked”, he concluded.

Kulmuhametov often lost in the propaganda and the student admitted that he came to the lecture to “trolling” her

As reported in the account kamikadze kamikadze, where it was published a video, “the next lecture, the Professor hinted to his dismissal”. In fact, it was preceded by quite a long conflict.

Student at the Moscow Conservatory Daniel Pelchen, explained that cultural policy is all students, while previously this item was only the first and last courses. “The subject recommended by the Ministry of culture and in all universities he was introduced at the request of the rector. No textbook no, that is, as benefits offered are simply the website of the Ministry of culture, and there is already a software document 2014. Fellow students reacted to the lecture in different ways. The majority, as always, still, come for a “machine”, roughly speaking. Someone didn’t like someone expressed some indignation,” said the student.

The online edition Meduza student explained that the lesson about the “fifth column” and “traitors” held on March 17, the audience was 30-40 people. “It all began quite cautiously, the teacher just told me where and how much to pay our employees a culture like this now and how bad all of this in the near future will be good. Then she said that I supposedly need to step back, and you, young man, here read this text. Obviously, the teacher deliberately gave text it to me, knowing how I feel about those lessons,” said the student.

This was preceded by a conflict with Kulmuhametov Pilichina. According to the student, the teacher in his lectures often strays into propaganda themes, talks about the imposition of Western values and it is often her “trolls”. “Students usually does all of this do not respond. Most just on the drum. Responsive I’m the only one – with the tacit approval of a smaller part of the audience and is quite loud disapproval of all the others. Every time I sometime speak at these sessions, I so just have fun: come and Troll this woman,” said Pelchen.

A lecture about the “fifth column” was one of the episodes of trolling. On March 23 of the next lecture, where students did a report on how good it would be to live in the Patriarchal family, the Professor “said that she spoke with someone from the educational Department, and they discussed that I could be expelled,” said Pelchen.

Daniel Pelchen was arrested during Moscow protests “He’s not Dimon”

Daniel Pelchen, according to media reports, was one of those detained during the Moscow campaign of protest against corruption. He was taken to OVD “Hamovniki”, reported the TV channel “Rain”.

Daniel Pelchen – composer, participant of musical projects, such as the art group “Deka”, the duet “Thank you! I love you” project “the Last Builder” and others.

Candidate of economic Sciences Farida Kulmuhametov – associate Professor Economic University. Plekhanov, the Conservatory has invited her teacher, hired specifically to read the “foundations of state cultural policy”. When publishing in August 2016, has tried to talk to her about a new subject introduced in a number of universities subordinate to the Ministry of culture, are unable to tell in detail, because discipline was still under development.

This subject is spoken about traditional values versus “alien” non-traditional. To the question about who decides what is alien values, said the Ministry of culture: “the People decide what values are alien to him and which is organic”. Kulmuhametov was unprepared for the question of what is “alien values” and what they are examples: “Not our values to other countries – why should they be funded?”

The student of the Moscow Conservatory, “trolliushome” the Professor lectures about the “fifth column” threatens expulsion 27.03.2017

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