New su-34 bombers conducted flights in the stratosphere in the supersonic regime. The aircraft took to the air pilots of the bomber air regiment Association force of the Eastern military district (TSB), stationed in the Khabarovsk region. The exercise was carried out in the framework of the final inspection for the 2016 academic year. TASS on Friday said the head of press service TSB Colonel Alexander Gordeev.

“The pilots performed exercises on navigation, worked the take-off and landing on the airfield at night, and also took flight on a given route in the specified area”, – said Gordeev. According to him, the final test pilots began flight tactical exercise with working bombing ground targets simulated enemy as part of the flight pairs on one of the aircraft polygons in the County.

In late August, it was reported that in the framework of a sudden check the combat readiness of the troops of the southern, Western and Central military districts, the MiG-29 multifunctional su-34 bombers intercepted and destroyed conventional air targets at a height of more than 11 kilometers. “The crews of su-34 and MiG-29SMT stationed in the Voronezh and Kursk regions, intercept conventional aerial targets in the stratosphere. The pilots worked the problem detection, capture of the target and its conditional destruction”, – said the Deputy head of the press service of the Western military district (ZVO) Igor Muginov.

Su-34 (product “T-10V”, according to NATO classification – Fullback, “Defender”) is a Russian multi-role fighter-bomber, designed for striking ground targets of the enemy in the conditions of strong counteraction by means of defense. In the combat capabilities of the su-34 belongs to a generation 4++. It can carry out combat missions without an escort by fighter cover.

The plane was created as a replacement for front-line bomber su-24. In the development of aircraft designers took the aerodynamic applied the scheme of “Longitudinal Triplane”, which allows to increase the maneuvering capabilities of the aircraft compared to the conventional scheme. In addition, increased bomb load and fuel capacity compared to su-24.

Su-34 was adopted by the Russian air force 20 Mar 2014. Composed of Air and space forces of Russia at the present time there are nearly 100 such machines.

As reported, from 2018 will begin implementation of the project on creation of attack aircraft, the su-34. Also bomber is regarded as a universal platform for the production of drum machines, which will replace several frontline aircraft. In addition, on the basis of the su-34 is planned to create specialized electronic warfare aircraft.

The su-34 bombers conducted flights in the stratosphere in the supersonic regime 14.10.2016

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