The death of terror suspect 22-year-old refugee from Syria Jaber al-Bakr, who was discovered dead in his cell in the prison of Leipzig, will complicate the work of investigators trying to discover who is behind the alleged terrorists, reports Reuters.

Press Secretary of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert, commenting on the resonance of the incident, promised to find out how the prisoner managed to commit suicide. “Something went wrong, mistakes were admitted,” said he during the press conference.

“In the case of al-Bakr the death of a suspect made the work of investigators more difficult, because now something out of it,” stated Seibert. He added that suicide should be thoroughly investigated.

The results of the autopsy on 14 October confirmed that the 22-year-old Syrian refugee has committed suicide. Recall, he was found hanging in his cell despite the fact that the suspect had to be under constant surveillance in connection with the declared hunger strike and suspicions of suicidal tendencies.

Jaber al-Bakr arrived in Germany as an asylum seeker in September 2015 and has since lived here, having received refugee status. The police began to follow him since September of 2016, after receiving information about his possible involvement in terrorist activities. When the first attempt of detention on 8 October in Chemnitz Jaber al-Bakr managed to escape. In the apartment where he lived, was discovered 1.5 kilograms of powerful explosives.

After this the Saxon law enforcers criticized for having missed a potential terrorist. On the night of October 10, al-Bakr is still arrested in Leipzig by other Syrian refugees, identified him and issued to the authorities.

Family members of the detainee said that during his stay in Germany, al-Bakr went on for some time in Syria and in Turkey. It is assumed that on the instructions of the terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH, is prohibited in Russia), al-Bakr were preparing terrorist attacks in one of Berlin’s airports or train transport.

The suicide of an alleged terrorist in a German prison would seriously impede the investigation 14.10.2016

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