The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro at home rose sharply after the United States authorities several times tightened sanctions against the country, reports Reuters with reference to the results of a survey conducted by Datanalisis. The actions of the head of state positively estimated 23 percent of respondents – 6 per cent more than in the July survey.

About 52 percent of Venezuelans were dissatisfied with the decision of Donald trump to toughen sanctions in response to the advent of the Republic the Constitutional Assembly that will replace the opposition-controlled Parliament and sanctioned constitutional amendments that expand the powers of the President.

57 percent of respondents expressed disagreement with the “military option” solution to the Venezuelan problem, which previously said the American authorities. At the same time, 86.9 percent of survey participants admitted that the situation in the country is extremely negative.

Reuters notes that such a low popularity ratings of presidents – this is normal for Latin America. Far more revealing is the fact that support for Maduro has fallen since 2013. This is largely due to the economic crisis in the country and uncontrolled rising inflation.

The opposition blames Maduro what is happening in the socialist model of governance and corruption authorities. The President of Venezuela, in turn, explains the crisis as an “economic war” unleashed by the opposition with the support of Washington.

A survey of citizens of Venezuela was held from 8 to 22 September. It was attended by 1,000 people. As noted in Datanalisis, the statistical error is slightly more than 3 percent.

The support rating Maduro at home has risen sharply after the sanctions trump 03.10.2017

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