The Presidium of the Russian Supreme court declared illegal the arrest and detention of two defendants in the “Bolotnaya case” Ilya Gushchina and Artem Savelova. Thus, the Bureau agreed with the decision of the European court of human rights (ECHR) issued more than a year ago, reports “Interfax”.

The decision on this issue was made on Wednesday, October 5, a panel of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation. Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Fridinsky has asked for the arrest of Gushina to cancel. Protection Gushchina agreed with the opinion of the Prosecutor. “All of the action on remand and the extension was illegal,” – said the lawyer of the defendant.

There were also abolished all decisions concerning the arrest and prolongation of terms of imprisonment Savelova. “The decision of the Basmanny district court of 9 August 2012 and all subsequent orders to be cancelled,” announced the decision of the Chairman of the Board of the Bureau.

The judgement of the Supreme court means that now Gushchin and Savelov will be able to seek compensation for unlawful detention, notes TASS. Ilya Guschin has already stated that he intends to do, said his lawyer Mary Kurakin. “We will achieve cancellation of the main verdict of the Zamoskvoretsky court. After this, we will require a written apology from the public Prosecutor, and then and financial compensation,” she said, noting that the complaint of the Trustee at the sentence itself is in the ECHR. Gushchin and his lawyer are confident that the verdict will be canceled.

17 September 2015 the ECHR ordered Russia to pay Leonid Kovyazina, Ilya Gushchin and Artem Savelova a total of seven thousand Euro two thousand Euro Cavasino and Gushchin and three thousand Savelova.

The Russian authorities tried to appeal the decision of the ECHR, but failed – the request was denied.

8 June 2016 the Supreme court of the Russian Federation on the basis of the decision of the ECHR was repealed all the decrees about the arrest of Leonid Kovyazina. His lawyer reported that a former convict has already been paid, the ECHR awarded compensation. Now the same payments will be able to count and two other defendants.

In addition, in January 2016, the ECHR has appointed a compensation to another person involved in “marsh business” Eugene Frumkin. In its decision the court obliged the Russian authorities to pay him the 32 thousand Euro. October 5, 2016, the ECHR awarded € 12.5 thousand to one more figurant – Yaroslav Belousov.

Ilya Gushchin was arrested by police officers in February 2013. In August 2014, the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow found the 26-year-old Ilya Gushchin guilty of participation in mass riots and using violence against police on 6 may 2012 on Bolotnaya square in Moscow. The young man was accused that he grabbed clothes Riot police, preventing the detention of demonstrators. Gushchin court acknowledged the clashes with the police, but explained that was just trying to protect protesters beaten by guards.

He was sentenced to 2.5 years of imprisonment. In August last year, Gushchin was released.

Artem Savelov was arrested in June 2012. He was charged under articles “Violence against a representative of authorities” and “Participation in mass riots”. In particular, he was accused that he interfered with the police, shouting “Down with police state”, grabbed a police officer and tried to draw him “in an aggressive crowd of people.” He Savelov denied all charges. According to him, he was that day in the Swamp area by accident.

24 Feb 2014 the decision of the Zamoskvoretsky district court of Moscow Artem Savelov was sentenced to two years and seven months imprisonment. Was released on 31 December 2014. International organization Amnesty International recognized Savelova a prisoner of conscience.

“Swamp thing” were initiated after collisions on may 6, 2012 participants agreed with the authorities “March of millions” and police on Bolotnaya square in Central Moscow. Then detained about 400 demonstrators against more than 30 people filed criminal charges. Some of them were granted Amnesty, another of the defendants have already released. Human rights activists believe the convicted for “swamp case” political prisoners.

The Supreme court declared illegal the detention of two defendants in the “Bolotnaya case” 05.10.2016

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