The Supreme court of North Ossetia reduced the sentence to the Svetlana Margieva, who along with other activists staged a protest at the school N1 in Beslan in the afternoon of the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attack, reports the”Caucasian knot”.

The judge agreed to reclassify the case against her with part 2 of article 20.2 of the administrative code (organization of uncoordinated action) on the part 5 of the same article (violation of the established procedure of stock), taking into account that Margieva was only a participant, not the organizer.

In this regard, the court also overturned the punishment of margielas of 20 hours of community service and made her a fine below the minimum established by article five thousand rubles. According to the woman, she had hoped for the total abolition of the penalty and intend to appeal and this decision.

Protest action mothers took place on the 1st of September, 12 years after the terrorist attack in Beslan. It was attended by: Ella Kesaeva (her daughter Zarina was held hostage); Emma Betrozova (her husband died Ruslan and sons – 16-year-old Allen and 14-year-old Aslan); Jeanne Chirikova (was a hostage along with her two daughters, eight-year-old Elizabeth Chirikova died); Svetlana Margieva (was a hostage with her daughter Elvira, daughter died in her arms); Emilia Bzarova (at school were two sons, husband and mother-in-law, nine-year-old Aslan Jasarov died).

The action was down to the fact that Thursday morning women came to the memorial service for his dead children in the Beslan school N1, removed the robe and left in t-shirts on which was written: “Putin – the executioner of Beslan”. The protesters demanded the investigation of the tragedy 12 years ago, which, in their opinion, was delayed. Women also noted that during the liberation school when the hostages were inside, special units were heavy shelling of the building, including flamethrowers and tanks.

As soon as the protest drew attention, the FSB and other law enforcement bodies involved in the protection of visitors, pushed women into a corner and closed backs, to print t-shirts never saw the rest. Then the protesters were given to get out of school and began to hold. Detention, according to the participants of the action were conducted in a very rude manner. The police said that women were detained in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Protesters accused under articles 19.3 and 20.2 of the administrative code – technically, this means that they disobeyed the orders of the police and conducted their action in violation of the law. Later Margieva in protest against the police action declared the hunger strike.

Together with the mothers of Beslan during the protest action were detained two journalists – a correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Elena Kostyuchenko and “Such things” Diana Khachatryan. Before the arrest of people in plain clothes demanded Kostyuchenko to stop shooting and tried to take away her camera. As a result of correspondents were detained and taken to the police station. After about two hours after the arrest of the correspondents were released.

The Supreme court of North Ossetia reduced the sentence to the participant at the memorial service in the school of Beslan 22.10.2016

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