The Supreme court of North Ossetia upheld the fines to the mothers of the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan, convicted of the appearance before journalists in t-shirts “Putin – the executioner of Beslan” at the funeral service on 1 September. This decision , RIA Novosti reports on Wednesday, November 9, with reference to the representative of the court.

In late October and early November the Supreme court of the Republic of softened women punishment under article 20.2 of the administrative code (“violation of an order of carrying out of meeting”). Corrective work it was cancelled, but the fines in amounts from five to 10 thousand rubles: Ella Kesaeva and Jeanne Terehovoj fines of 10 thousand rubles, Svetlana Margieva court – five thousand, Emilia bzarova the penalty in 10 thousand roubles was replaced by compulsory work, Emma tagaeva changed the penalty from 20 thousand to 10 thousand rubles. The Svetlana Margieva corrective work is also canceled given the fact that she was only a participant, not the organizer.

Women, however, relied on the complete abolition of the punishment and appealed the decision. On 3 November the judge of the Supreme court of North Ossetia Umar Alborov began to consider complaint against the verdict and vowed to drive the process as quickly as possible. Two activists he refused on the same day, rest – 7 Nov, finding no “significant procedural violations”, writes the edition “Caucasian knot”.

The judge rejected all petitions of protection, including the requirement of the head “voices of Beslan” Ella Kesaeva about his disqualification. Between the judge and Emma Tagaeva the dialogue took place:

Alborov: You participated in an unsanctioned rally?
Tagaeva: I came to the place of death of their children…
Alborov: you were wearing a shirt with the inscription “Putin – the executioner of Beslan”?
Tagaeva: Yes.
Alborov: You offered to go to the police for identification?
Tagaeva: I had a long conversation in the gym with a staff member who knew me well, why would they even want my identity?

The judge asked the defender of Takeaway Ella Kesaeva, if it supports the complaint, not allowing her to present a petition, and not allowed to speak to defender Igor Believe.

Alborov began to read the complaint Takeaway and periodically made comments to the defenders. Believe after three comments, he was removed from the meeting. Kesaeva said petition with a request to claim the video in the criminology division of the Pravoberezhny district, but she was denied.

Emilia Bzarova, the invalid of the third group, described the arrest: “When leaving school I was surrounded by someone in the civic, I say to them: “who are You, freaks?” “No.” – “Well, show me your ID then.” And no one showed. Then they shoved me in the car.”

Asked by the judge why she refused to go along with the police, Bazarova said, “Well, I didn’t know they were civil. And no I didn’t even offer to drive. The resistance I had, I have my radial nerve damaged, but I was grabbed and shoved” she said. The “Caucasian knot” notes that consideration of the complaint Borovoi was completed faster than any other.

“We took in the environment, – said in court Jeanne Chirikova. And when I saw Emilia [Bzarova] pushed into the car, I have dark eyes. Grabbed me under the arms, and my legs were jelly, and is also dragged into the car. I live two steps away from the police, do they think that I would run away from Beslan? Apparently live they don’t need their grave need for delegations to come and laid flowers. But real people do not need them”.

Kesaeva told about his arrest that took place, she said, “during a special operation”. “Our actions, according to the Constitution and agreements on human rights, is not contrary to any laws, we have freedom of speech. Yes, it was an act to attract attention, but we came to an agreed memorial service. Our uniforms were not mandatory. The phrase on the t-shirts did not violate public order. We have expressed our opinion. The person in respect of whom it was written, has the right to sue us in court for libel, but he is silent. Other data that we were not. None of us other statements did. So what is expressed in our breach of public order?” asked in his speech, Ella Kesaeva (quote on the website “Caucasian knot”).

She noted that the women were detained “during a special operation”. “Cut our way back, took us in the ring. We also stood in a circle, because I understood that to apply force. Me 10 people did. While all of our individual long been known, and the Protocol is not a compulsory delivery to the police station,” – said Kesaeva.

Legally, a fine of 500 rubles right Bank district court of Beslan has appointed six women under article 19.3 part 1 of the administrative code – disobeying a police officer to disperse their action. In fact, as pointed out by Ella Kesaeva, “punished for the inscription on the t-shirts”. “One of the six arrested women were in the gym without a shirt, and her court acquitted,” said she. This refers to Zemfira Chirikova, which really wasn’t that day shirt, and the court found her case of evidence.

Women are going to appeal to the European court of human rights (ECHR). Ella Kesaeva believes that the ECHR these things “will quickly examine and cancel”, as she announced to the judge Alborova.

On his page in Facebook Ella Kesaeva said that the judge “was in a hurry, without satisfying any of our requests, not interrogating witnesses, without asking about the video, without examining the case materials, removing from the audience defender”. “If not for our allotment, would take decisions on each complaint in 20 minutes”, – she wrote.

She noted that as Umar Alborov and another judge Nasirat Kokaeva that issued the denial decision on the complaint, marked by government awards. In 2013, the former head of the Republic Taimuraz Mamsurov personally awarded them honorary diplomas “for contribution to ensuring law and order in the Republic”. “We believe – waiting for their next reward for such courts. The decision entered into force. Will submit in ESPCH”, – concluded the lawyer.

Protest action mothers took place on the 1st of September, 12 years after the terrorist attack in Beslan. Women came to the memorial service for his dead children in the Beslan school N1, removed the robe and left in t-shirts on which was written: “Putin – the executioner of Beslan”. The protesters demanded the investigation of the tragedy 12 years ago, which, according to them, was delayed. Women also noted that during the liberation school when the hostages were inside, special units were heavy shelling of the building, including flamethrowers and tanks.

As soon as the protest drew attention, the FSB and other law enforcement bodies involved in the protection of visitors, pushed women into a corner and closed backs, to print t-shirts never saw the rest. Then the protesters were given to get out of school and arrested them.

The Supreme court of North Ossetia upheld the fines to the mothers of Beslan for the t-shirts criticizing Putin 10.11.2016

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