The Supreme court (SC) of Venezuela has banned the country’s Parliament (National Assembly) to move forward with the impeachment of President Nicolas Maduro. A petition to the Supreme court has asked the country’s Prosecutor General Reynaldo Munoz, according to UPI.

Court decision the deputies recommended to refrain from implementing the planned political process against the President, and from committing any other “unconstitutional” acts that violate public order or inciting to it.

The court’s decision was handed down on Tuesday, November 15. The next day, Maduro said that he welcomes it. According to him, the decision “puts everything in its place” reports

October 25, controlled by the opposition, the Venezuelan Parliament voted for the beginning of the trial of the President. The national Assembly announced the coup the actions of Maduro, who actually blocked the holding of a referendum on impeachment.

Maduro himself called it a parliamentary coup attempt. On 30 October, with the participation of international mediators began the negotiations between the authorities and the opposition, during which the parties agreed to “peaceful coexistence” and follow the road map to resolve the political and socio-economic crisis in the country.

We will remind, Venezuela for several years is experiencing a severe economic and financial crisis, which worsened in the last two years because of falling oil prices – the main export item of the country. The country has seen inflation of hundreds of percent, the deficit and the devaluation of the national currency, the Bolivar.

In early 2016, the country’s Central Bank reported that by the end of 2015, inflation reached a record high of 180%. This is the highest figure not only for Venezuela, but generally in the world, gave to Reuters.

According to IMF forecasts, this year inflation will reach 475%, reports CNN. “If two years ago the value of a dollar was 100 bolívares, today – 1262 Bolivar”, – said the TV channel with reference to the website

In may and June 2016, the shortage of food and medicine in Venezuela has worsened so much that in some regions of the country held rallies that turned into riots.

The Supreme court of Venezuela has banned the Parliament to continue to prepare for the impeachment of the President 16.11.2016

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