The Supreme court upheld the verdict of the 95-year-old Oskar Groening, who served as an accountant at Auschwitz during the Second world war. Last summer, he was convicted of aiding and abetting the murder of 300 thousand people and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Thus, the highest judicial body of the country in criminal and civil cases for the first time acknowledged the guilt of the employee of the concentration camps, not personally participated in the killings, reports DW.

In mid-November with a call as soon as possible to decide on the legality of the sentence appealed to the court of the Vice-President of the International Auschwitz Committee Christoph Heubner. He said that living prisoners of the Holocaust don’t have time, “they want while still alive to know whether to recognize the Supreme court the totality of the Nazi factories of death and the responsibility of all who worked in it employees of the SS”.

Reuters reporters clarified that the decision on this case was made in September of this year, but was made public only on Monday, November 28. On the state of health of the defendant and his readiness to serve jail time, the local media reported, the Agency said.

The trial of former bookkeeper began in April of 2015. The accused acknowledged his moral responsibility for what was happening in Auschwitz, but left the court right to decide the question on the legal side of things. Previously, he also said that he could only pray to God for forgiveness for not being able to ask about it from victims of the Holocaust.

The defendant was nicknamed “the accountant” because he was checking the Luggage of arriving in Auschwitz the Jews have had money confiscated from the prisoners, and sent money to Berlin.

Groening worked in the death camp c 1942 and 1944. However, the main charges relate to may to July 1944, when there were 425 thousand Hungarian Jews, 300 thousand of which were destroyed in the gas chambers. A class action lawsuit against Groening was filed by 20 former prisoners of Auschwitz and their families.

The convict is the only former members of the SS, who openly talks about what he did in the camp. Moreover, Groening himself 10 years ago after hearing about Holocaust denial, and started to play with the stories about Auschwitz.

In his interviews he said that he saw the gas chambers, saw the crematoria, saw the killing of children, but considered it “right”. Before the trial Groening made a long speech in which he asked for forgiveness from the victims and their loved ones.

The Supreme court upheld the verdict of the “accountant of Auschwitz” 28.11.2016

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