The suspect in the brutal killings of Pets the minor inhabitant of Khabarovsk placed under house arrest. This was reported by TASS source close to the investigation. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said that the police took the 17-year-old Alain S. from Novosibirsk.

The interlocutor of the TASS announced: “the Court elected the measure of restraint for the suspect in the form of house arrest pending investigation.” The case was initiated on the fact of cruel treatment of animals, investigating the investigative Department of the SU IC of Russia in Khabarovsk. The check is conducted by the Prosecutor’s office.

In Novosibirsk the suspect flew after the scandal with the publication of pictures with violence against animals. According to the manual, having told nothing to parents, she bought a ticket for flight “Khabarovsk-Saint-Petersburg”. The flight was a transit with a stop in Novosibirsk, where she caught up with the police.

October 18, users of the imageboard “Dvach” found two girls on their pages in social network “Vkontakte” posted pictures of maimed and dismembered animals. Girls that are registered under the names Alina Orlova and Kristina Hemp, study in Pacific national University (PNU) in Khabarovsk. The animals they took from shelters and ads “give in good hands”.

In addition to the official bodies, the investigation is conducted by the representatives of the Khabarovsk animal protection organizations. They collect statements from persons who gave the girls the dogs and cats and subsequently were not able to find out their fate. Currently, there are three statements, but not all of them served in law enforcement. Thus, according to the public organization “Zoozaschita-DV” in the killings of the animals were taken from shelters and from individuals through advertisements, participated another girl and perhaps a young man.

The suspect in the massacre of animals in Khabarovsk was placed under house arrest 22.10.2016

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