Nikulinskiy Moscow court on 5 October sentenced the organizer of the theft of six million dollars from the former Governor of the Samara region, Senator Konstantin Titov to 12 years in prison. The judge appointed Vladislav Zaraevo more prison time than requested by the representative of the Prosecutor’s office, says “Kommersant”.

In debate the public Prosecutor asked to sentence Tsorieva, which acted on behalf of the non-existent secret in the financial Department of the presidential administration, to eight and a half years in prison.

Zaraeva, who is serving time for a similar crime, was convicted of fraud in especially large size. Also completely satisfied with the property claim of the victim for the amount of damages and interest on it – a total of 280 million rubles. In order to get the money, Titov is going to achieve arrest of property Zaraeva purchased them for their relatives at a time when a politician had already given him their money.

According to the newspaper, Titov was unhappy with the fact that the record featured only one Tsoraev, and other participants in the Scam, the relatives of which was the many real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region, was announced in the Federal wanted list.

As follows from case materials, in 2007, Konstantin Titov, being then a member of the Federation Council, met with a certain Anatoly Shutov, who introduced to him by General of justice and employees of the Prosecutor General. Subsequently, he suggested that Titov profitable to invest and set with their “partners”.

One of them was Vladislav Tsoraev – introduced Titov, employee of the secret group “the Center”, which “was created in the presidential administration to implement special financial programs” and reports directly to the President. The other named employee of the foreign intelligence Service. The Senator proposed to invest in “high yield transactions in banking industry” with profit to 100%.

Titov took his son, banker Alexey Titov $ 4.4 million and € 1.5 million and gave the money to his new friend, and more than half of investments were made through the former head of football club CSKA and the President Samara “wings of Soviets” Alexander Baranovsky (which in 2009 became the figurant of criminal case about abuse of authority).

A few months later, convinced that he cheated, Titov demanded Vladislav Zaraeva refund, but the policy issued receipts and promised to pay later. However, after some time Coreva was arrested for another fraud and then sentenced to nine years in prison.

Konstantin Titov was the head of Samara oblast from 1991 to 2007, and then represented the region in the Federation Council until 2014. In 2000 he ran for President of the Russian Federation and gained 1,47% of the votes in the elections, which were won by Vladimir Putin.

The swindler has received from ex-Governor of the Samara region $ 6 million, sentenced to 12 years in prison 06.10.2016

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