The Syrian army entered in the historical part of the Eastern Aleppo Old city, knocking out the rebels, Reuters reports citing a military source. The remaining militants went into the southern areas of the city on a dedicated corridor.

The Agency SANA reported that the military “restored security and stability” in the vicinity of quarters Agur and Bab El-Hadid, evacuate more than 200 civilians and captured some terrorists.

On the eve of Tuesday the army “restored security” in neighborhoods of Aleppo Karm El-Dada, CARM El Katerji, El-Shaar, al-Marjeh and El-Sheikh Lufti, as well as in the area of the hill of El-Shorta in the Eastern part of Aleppo.

According to the Lebanese TV channel Al-Manar, the Syrian army liberated 73% of the territory East of Aleppo. Some militants went on a 700-metre corridor between the medieval citadel and the district of Safsafa in the southern parts of Salah al-DIN, Sukkari and El Kalasa. They agreed to release us from the Old town to save it from destruction and to save the lives of civilians.

The representative of the militia confirmed to RIA “Novosti”that at the present time the enemy runs in a southerly direction, “where are still outposts of terrorists.” He said that the number of people who left the Eastern districts of the city since the start of operations of the Syrian army, significantly more than 80 thousand people.

In the night of Tuesday, the army and the militia had established full control over the highway leading sq km, the international airport of Aleppo Nejrab, so now the road to the airport is considered safe.

The operation to sweep continues, the militants control about 10 sq km in East Aleppo

To demine the liberated neighborhoods help Russian engineers, as reports TV channel “Zvezda”, the day they defused more than 70 mines and roadside bombs. First and foremost, the engineers check critical social facilities, including the territory of the pumping station, which the terrorists planned to blow up.

Some homemade bombs and booby traps lie directly on the sidewalks. Look for them the help of the special device “Kite”, which sees even the remotes from radio-controlled bombs at a distance of 50 meters. All dangerous finds transported to the landfill for disposal.

At the moment the Syrian army and the militias continued the operation to sweep the old quarters and are now 500 metres from the medieval citadel towering over the city. About 100 fighters there stopped resistance and surrendered troops, reports TASS.

According to the map of the city, presents military information service of the government forces in southern Aleppo at the hands of militants remain areas es-Saliheen, es-Sukkari, El Kalasa, Nusha and Karem-Dada. The representative of the militia said that the release of 45 square kilometers, and the terrorists hold an area of 10-12 square kilometers.

Experts expect that armed groups agree to withdraw from Aleppo to nearby Idlib province, given the futility of further resistance, however, as reported TASS, a member of the Istanbul-based National coalition of opposition and revolutionary forces (NKORS) Samir Nashar told the TV channel Al-Arabia that the armed opposition will not leave Aleppo. In his words, “preparing the operation to break the blockade.”

TV channel Al-Arabia reported an elderly woman from East Aleppo, which 5 Dec died right in front of her husband and photographer in her wheelchair.

Death came when her husband tried to find her medical help in the quarter Alchaar, where, according to the TV channel, all hospitals were destroyed by the Russian and Syrian troops. The woman in social networks identified as Sabah Mohammed, photographed photographer Yahya Alri.

The operation to liberate the Eastern Aleppo from insurgents coming from the middle of November. Syrian government forces controlled by President Bashar al-Assad are on the offensive with the support of the Shiite militias, funded by Iran, as well as Russian military aviation.

The Kremlin said that in Eastern Aleppo to negotiate a truce with anyone. “Whoever it was, but it is rather the Union of all around a terrorist organization “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia. – Approx., that is, all the militants are terrorists,” – said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told reporters on 7 December.

On 7 December, the defense Ministry reportedthat during the shelling of Aleppo killed Colonel Ruslan Galitsky, the military adviser of the Russian Federation, without specifying the circumstances of his death. He was posthumously presented the command to a high state award.

December 5, during the shelling of the Russian military hospital in Aleppo, Syria killed female soldiers – Sergeant Hope Durachenko and Sergeant Galina Mikhailova, the nurses of the military hospital of Birobidzhan.

The Syrian army repelled the militants of the historical part of Aleppo 07.12.2016

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