The event on Saturday the attacks in the Syrian province of HOMS could be the operation by the regime, the aim of which is to influence the course of negotiations in Geneva. This statement was made by a member of the delegation of the opposition of the Higher Committee on negotiations (CPSU) and the “free Syrian army” (FSA) Fateh Hasan, reports TASS.

Jason, in particular, found it strange that the terrorist attack took place on a strictly protected area, where the fighters simply couldn’t get without government help, the building of state security and military intelligence headquarters. “We knew that something was going to happen. What happened, is an operation mode”, – said the representative of the CPSU.

According to Hasuna, with the help of a terrorist attack Damascus wanted to show his people that he is fighting terrorism. “I know very well how the regime is able to use events for their own purposes”, – quotes the Syrian opposition “Interfax”.

At the same time another representative of the opposition, Nasser Hariri stressed that his organization “condemns any manifestation of terrorism, in all countries”. He added that if the attack in HOMS in fact was done by the terrorists, the CPSU condemned them.

While Hariri also believes that using the attack mode, probably trying to block further negotiations in Geneva. “They just want to stay in power,” concluded the member of the CPSU.

Meanwhile, the head of the delegation of Damascus, Bashar al-ja’afari called what happened in HOMS, “the message of the terrorists to Geneva,” the appeal to the UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura and all who participated in the negotiations. “The meaning of this message: the donor countries don’t want the Geneva talks failed,” said ja’afari.

He urged all participants in the negotiations on the Syrian settlement to condemn the attack, and this, according to him, will be a test of who is the moderate opposition, and who supports terrorists.

The attack in HOMS in Western Syria occurred on Saturday morning Moscow time. The explosions killed more than 20 people, injured dozens. At the moment, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The Syrian opposition called the attacks in HOMS by the special operation mode 26.02.2017

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