Amid fears of EUrelated election as the new President of the United States “Pro-Russian” candidate Donald trump in the UK believe that will be able to influence him so that he helped to defend the interests of London. About this newspaper The Sunday Times , citing a secret internal memo of the British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch.

According to the newspaper, the document was written shortly after it became known that the new head of the White house was the trump. The letter reads that the newly elected President is a “stranger”, whose statements during the election campaign, “may reveal his instinctual impulses, but it certainly will evolve and features will be open to external influence, if it is properly filed” (translation site InoPressa).

“Because, in our view, we have established with his team attitude, which is better than its relations with other diplomats in Washington, we probably have good opportunities for this,” – said in a note.

The newspaper notes that the publicity of the document potentially puts the British government in an uncomfortable position, but explains why the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may and the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Boris Johnson last days trying to charm the surroundings of the trump.

InoPressa: Who are you, Mr. trump?

On Thursday, may talked on the phone with trump, and he expressed a desire to keep the so-called special relationship between the US and the UK. (The Daily Mail notes that may was only eleventh among the world leaders who communicated with trump after the election.) Johnson, in an effort to strengthen British-American relations, on Sunday boycotted the informal meeting of foreign Ministers EU countries, which discussed the winning trump.

According to The Financial Times, European diplomats at the meeting wanted to “send a signal” about what the EU expects from trump. However, the foreign Ministers of the two largest military powers bloc of Britain and France disrupted the meeting. While Johnson stated that the meeting in Brussels creates an atmosphere of panic. The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Ayrault chose to remain in Paris to meet with the new UN Secretary General. “The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary boycotted the meeting, calling the reaction of some EU leaders “hysterical”, – quotes FT article InoPressa.

According to The Sunday Times, this week British Prime Minister Theresa may “in her first major speech on foreign policy declares that it is impossible to ignore the discontent of globalization that became the impetus for Bracito and victory trump”.

An unnamed source in the British Cabinet said: “One of the priorities of the government is to perform that mean for the UK statements trump about NATO and what strategy we will pursue in response to them.”

“Heads of intelligence agencies were also asked to perform as the warm attitude of the tramp toward Putin’s Russia can have an impact on counter-terrorism strategy and policy on the Syrian track. Work is underway on similar reports concerning trump to immigration of Muslims and a nuclear agreement with Iran,” the article says.

“The taming of the tramp”: the media got a secret plan UK 14.11.2016

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