Deputy Dean of historical faculty, Irkutsk state University (ISU) and coordinator of the human rights movement a “Voice” in this region Alexei Petrov was dismissed from the University. “Work book brought to the workplace”, he said on his page on Facebook on November 16.

The decision to dismiss was made by the rector of ISU, who accused him of too frequent cancellation of lectures during business trips outside the region, said the former Dean of the portal “Sib.FM”.

“I am now preparing a petition to the court, – said Petrov. I’m sure that the dismissal was illegal because permits were not any, it’s all invented by the administration.”

“I think the decision about my dismissal was political, he added. – Administration of IPA acts only as the executor of this decision. Where and by whom it is taken, I don’t know. I don’t think it in reality has anything to do with claims about non-compliance with labor discipline”.

The Union of University teachers voted unanimously against the dismissal of Petrov

On the morning of 16 November in yigou held a meeting of the Union of University professors, whose members voted unanimously against the dismissal of Petrov was given a negative motivation to the project of rector’s order, said political analyst Sergei Bespalov in Facebook.

However, formally it is a decision of a recommendatory nature, but the final word remained with the rector of the University Alexander Arguchintsev who decided to say goodbye to his Deputy, the Agency reports IrkutskMedia.

The evening of the same day the teachers and students of ISU, and members of the public held a half-hour picket near the monument to Alexander III in Irkutsk against the dismissal of Petrov. To support the dismissed Deputy Dean of the historical faculty of the University came more than a hundred people. Most of them put their signatures under the petition against the personnel decisions of the rector of the yoke, informs news Agency “Irksib”.

A rally in support of dismissed from the yoke Alexey Petrov, was held in the cold wind in Irkutsk
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