In Samara, the teacher of geography of school N114 Irina Gorbatenko gave the eighth graders a lecture on the dangers of rallies against corruption and organized viewing of the propaganda film “no to Extremism” that was screened during the performance of the Governor Nikolay Merkushkin about the dangers of protests. While browsing, she came into conflict with the student Yegor B., who defended their right to protest, and hit him, reports the edition “Now”.

The teacher, occupying, according to the website MediaLeaks, Deputy Director on educational work, spoke about the importance of patriotism and the need to be together, Recalling the parable of the old man and the broom, indicating that strength is in unity, and then moved on to rallies in which, according to her, “nothing good.”

Gorbatenko rebuked schoolboy, who was at the rally that he was seeking attention, and when he protested that he only acted against corruption, said: “Against corruption in our country need other methods, and not to destroy the country.”

Also Irina Gorbatenko didn’t like that not everyone wants to watch a propaganda movie. “If you don’t want to see shut your mouth and turn away! But do not disturb others, you understand me? I hear no answer! I hear no answer! So, to the Director of the March from here. Off you go to the Director. Stood fast! Do you like aggression? Stood fast! Rise and Shine!” – in command of the teacher.

Teacher Gorbatenko: “Stood Up! You extremism like? Aggression? Stand up, stand up quickly!”

Student Yegor B.: “What just happened?”

Teacher Gorbatenko: “why are You bothering to watch the movie?”

Student Yegor B.: “I just said two words.”

Teacher Gorbatenko: “And do not just. It is necessary to see the silence! Do you like it when you talk like that? I’m with you talking like that. Enjoy. Turn around and look in silence”.

Student Yegor B.: “What you have now touched?”

Teacher Gorbatenko: “To take a decision either not touched, or sat quietly. Okay? Not all of them. Only those who love aggression. Continue”.

The eighth-grader Egor took a lesson on video and posted it on the social network “Vkontakte” with the comment: “How was my geography lesson: I was kicked and yelled at me”. The student also noticed that the film “no to Extremism” is intended for audiences 16+, and in its class, all under the age of 15.

He told about the reaction of the Director of the Marina Grigorevsky on the incident: “She asked the class, if you saw how Irina kicked Egor? And everybody said not seen. And based on this she decided that I invented”.

Later, the student reported that after talking to his parents with the Director and teacher “Irina came up and apologized.” “I hope it won’t happen again and we will not show films of questionable content and even more to scream and kick me or anyone else,” wrote student and deleted the video.

At an anti-corruption rally on 26 March in Samara came up to two thousand people. After that, the Governor of the region Nikolay Merkushkin held a youth forum “no to Extremism”, for participation in which the Samara students were removed from classes.

The same name the film was mounted Samara broadcasting company “Scat”. Channel television on YouTube in one of the most popular comments to this video that got more than 300 likes, it is noted that the creators of the movie did not specify myself: “the Country must know its heroes who are worried about the values that you articulate and show. Why do we not know whose voice it tells you everything, why are you afraid, boys, write your name in the credits? For example, the agent of the state Department Navalny is not afraid of his face in the camera to show. But you patriots what are you afraid of something?”

Other commentators have described the roller equating a peaceful rally to extremism as “too fat propaganda”, “custom vomit” and “propaganda trash”.

Irina Gorbatenko joined a series of teachers, speaking after protests against corruption with Patriotic lectures and trapped in the media. Two such cases happened in Tomsk. There are students of Tomsk state University were reprimanded for attending rally against corruption senior lecturer, Department of General and experimental physics Nicholas Pechkurov, and teacher of the history and life safety Vitaly Khovansky in charge of the Russian classical gymnasium N2 Patriotic programs, arguedthat liberals are quoted on a par with the Nazis, as the “hinder the development of the human species, they hinder the formation of man”, and the participants of the rally against corruption are traitors and slaves of the Anglo-Saxons.

In St. Petersburg the speech on democracy in Russia and the agent of the “Washington regional Committee”
Navalny became famous assistant of the Department of information security St. Petersburg state electrotechnical University “LETI” Renat Khaliullin.

In Moscow political information regularly, out of touch with the anti-corruption rallies, conducted associate Professor Farida Kulmuhametov at the Moscow Conservatory, and lost his job because during one of the classes asked students to read downloaded it from the Internet a list of “fifth column”, which got many well-known human rights activists, artists, politicians and statesmen.

The teacher of the Samara school and gave a kick to eighth-graders for talking during the movie “no to Extremism” 07.04.2017

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