The militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) executed 58 people, suspecting them of involvement in the conspiracy and try to go on the side of Syrian government forces to assist the forces of Bashar al-Assad’s support for the attack on Mosul, reports Reuters, citing residents and the Iraqi military.

The interlocutors of journalists reported that 58 alleged conspirators were executed after their organization was exposed last week. The Agency also quoted a representative of Iraqi intelligence, who described the plot as a “coup attempt” in the leadership ranks of ISIS.

“It was members of ISIS, who rebelled against the group in Mosul. This is a clear indication that the terrorist organization is losing support not only from the population, but even among its own members,” – said the representative of the Iraqi forces in the fight against terrorism Sabah an-Numani.

Militants defectors had planned to speak in support of Iraqi government forces during the operations to liberate Mosul, which is expected to begin in the current month. To this end, they are arranged in different areas of the city and weapons caches. The plot was discovered when members of the IG said on the phone of one of its members the message that mentioned about weapons. The arrested during interrogation confessed and named his accomplices.

According to the Agency, at the beginning of October in the homes of the alleged conspiracy were raided, during which weapons were found. On suspicion of betraying the terrorists arrested 58 members of the IG. Later they drowned, and their bodies buried in a mass grave, hiding from the relatives where it is. It is reported that among those killed was one of the assistants of leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“After the failed coup attempt of ISIS confiscated issued to local commanders of the special units in order to prevent them to escape from Mosul with their families,” he told reporters Colonel Ahmed al-Taye, head of military intelligence at the operational command of Iraqi security forces in Nineveh province, the center of which is Mosul.

In late September the media reported that the captured militants Iraqi city of Mosul appeared avenger: according to press reports, one of the women took up arms and began killing terrorists. It was reported that a woman in a burqa shot dead two militants of the “Islamic state” on checkpoint “Hanuman”.

This is the third such attack on is militants in Mosul last month, said the journalists. According to sources, the local leadership of the terrorists has announced an increase in the level of combat readiness. The militants believe that these attacks are “non-random”: they allegedly organized secret services to undermine the situation in Mosul.

The terrorists of ISIS have executed 58 people who tried to go on the side of Bashar al-Assad 14.10.2016

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