Russian investigators have identified the motives of high-profile murders in Istanbul, committed last summer. Was then shot dead an influential thief in law Rovshan dzhaniyev (Rovshan Lankaran). As it turned out, Mafioso killed on the basis of blood revenge because Sara had organized the massacre of “authoritative” Moscow businessman Dzhambulat Shamil oglu, who was nicknamed “king of herbs”.

Recall that Rovshan dzhaniyev, was killed on August 17. Then, the criminals fired at the SUV, Mafioso, also killing its driver. Investigating this crime did not only Turkish, but also Russian security forces, who’ve been watching the UPS and downs of criminal war of clans “Russian mafia”. Investigators quickly established the connection between the murders Ganieva and Shamil oglu, reports “Rosbalt” , citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

Dzhambulat Shamil oglu was shot dead in Moscow on the night of 16 March 2016. He drove into the underground car Park of his home at Slavyansky Bulvar, but the Elevator that night were not working. Investigators suspect that the killer deliberately brought him down. Shamil oglu had to go back to the street, where to go on foot to the entrance. At this point, ran up to him a criminal and opened fire with a pistol. From the received wounds Dzhambulat died.

During the investigation it was established that Shamil oglu was shot by two gunmen from the group Ganieva. And to kill the businessman ordered himself Rovshan clashed with Dzhambulat.

After the murder Ganieva revealed that relatives and associates of the web came to exactly the same conclusions. Rovshan declared vendetta and ruled the death “sentence”. To fulfill its helped the thieves in the law of Vagif Suleymanov, Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Ganja) and Nadir Salifov (Lot Guli). They acted not only out of revenge, but from a desire to carry out the redistribution of spheres of influence.

It is known that Shamil oglu played a key role in the business of supply of greens. He bought the parsley, onions, dill in large wholesalers, and then sold the goods to retailers. Shamil oglu was a monopolist in the supply of green markets, weekend markets, shops and restaurants.

Your interest in the green market had Rovshan. He controlled the largest wholesale market of greenery in the Moscow region. Wholesale suppliers of green paid to “thieves ‘ obshchak” 100 thousand rubles from each truck, as well as separately for each day of trading.

Later in the green market there are new players – Vagif Suleymanov and other thieves. They began to entice suppliers from the site of Rovshan on a platform in the district, Kaluga highway. Each truck was asked to pay only 30 thousand rubles.

At first the merchants were afraid to change the “roof”, but it Dzhambulat convinced them that cooperation with Vagif safely and profitably.

We will add that earlier the murder of Rovshan Dzhanieva associated with a protracted war Azerbaijan Rovshan clan Ganieva and Kurdish insurgents of Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), considered as the “king of Russian mafia”. Grandpa Hassan was shot dead by a sniper in 2013 in Moscow. After that, the role of his successor was the claim kingpin Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young).

However, on 12 July 2016 Shakro was arrested by SWAT in his luxurious suburban home on Rublevsky highway. He is suspected of extorting large sums from the owner of the restaurant on Rochdelskaya street in Moscow, where in December 2015 two people killed in the crossfire of the warring parties.

After the arrest of Shakro in the media appeared information that the backbone of his gang were former security forces, and covered the alleged extortionists existing custody order.

On 19 July the FSB officers came to search in the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Moscow and was detained first Deputy head of the Agency Denis nikandrova, head of the own security service GSU SK of Mikhail Maksimenko and his Deputy Alexander Limonova. Later in the day, all of them concluded under arrest for two months.

The FSB reported that investigators suspected of abuse of office and accepting bribes from representatives of the criminal community. Media quoted sources reported that representatives of Kalashov suggested Nikandrov five million dollars for the “problem solving” Shakro.

The thief in law Rovshan was killed in Turkey “blood feuds”, taking revenge for the shooting of “king of greens” in Moscow 01.11.2016

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