The investigative Committee announced the completion of the investigation of loud criminal case about the embezzlement of money from the visitors of the Petersburg strip clubs. In the words of”Fontanka”, go-go-enchantment brought together dozens of victims and nearly 30 defendants.

Large-scale searches of a dozen entertainment venues of the Northern capital were held in the fall of 2014, after mass complaints lovers of night stay. Have brought to the semiconscious condition of customers were written off from Bank cards of hundreds of thousands of rubles. The record was 1.2 million rubles. The investigation revealed that the victims hocus cocktails of psychotropic drugs, to find the PIN codes to the card, and then erased from the phones SMS about transactions. Payments carried out under the guise of payment for private dances, champagne or Jacuzzi.

The charges of theft brought almost thirty men and women, five of them accused of creation of criminal community. Among the defendants in the case – three police officers and a former associate Deputy Vitaly Milonov in the field of prevention of Vice Nikita Yashkin.

As it was established, for each institution involved in the scheme, there were financial plat – not less than five millions in revenue daily. “With the failure of the capitalist commitments go-go-vertical stipulated penalties. They typically are applied to ordinary members of the concession. Something like deprivation of progressive. The lazy or disagree with the policy managers simply beat,” said media.

Accumulated funds, according to some, was supposed to invest in a legitimate business, namely real estate in Serbia.

The thing about feeding psihotropnye cocktails and the theft of millions of visitors to St. Petersburg’s go-go clubs went to court 14.10.2016

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